RSS / Atom Feed Readers

Hello to all the Folks who visit Black Phoebe via a RSS or Atom feed reader…
Can you tell me what client / website / software you prefer to use to read and deliver your RSS / Atom feeds to you? And why?
I am now to the point that I need to move to a feed reader to keep up on the updates at my favorite sites and blogs. Need good references.

2 thoughts on “RSS / Atom Feed Readers

  1. I like bloglines. I’ve tried a few others, including kinja, but I end up back at bloglines. It lists the blogs along with the number of updates since you’ve last read it, so I see “Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen (3)” and, depending on the feed, includes new comments as updates.

  2. NetNewsWire is the best newsreader on any platform. If you’re stuck on Windows, Thunderbird actually does a reasonably good job of it.

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