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1st Lifeblog post

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Sun 03.27.05 – If this works… Then hip-hip-hooray for Martin!
Update: 03.27.05 8:50 pm (PST) – And it did. Yeah for Martin!
Ever since I got my lovely little Nokia 7610 phone with the LifeBlog software, I have wanted to use LifeBlog to post directly to Black Phoebe from my phone. I have nattered on extensively in comments over on Charlie’s LifeBlog blog asking (nee…begging) for the ability to post to Movable Type.
On March 7th, Martin emailed me that he fixed up the MT script to allow the cameraphone with LifeBlog to post to an MT blog. I tried that night and the next day to no avail. I tried again tonight and it worked. Yeah! Here I go!

Second Update:
Wed. 03.30.05 – As of yesterday, I have been unable to post from my phone’s LifeBlog to this blog and I have tried multiple times with the same post and different ones. Sad. I reloaded the script and checked my permissions and no go. ;o( So, back to Flickr for Ms. Jen.

Where did Blackphoebe come from?

Michael asked that folks describe their website’s orgin.
Here it goes…
For my first two years of publishing on the ‘net (1995-1997), I used my staff 6 meg allowance on the BU ACS servers. For the next two years, I published to my 10 megs on Earthlink.
In Jan. of 1999, Alex West and I reserved and started publishing all things related to music, life, the world and the universe, as well as a contentious message board & mailing list.
In late 1999 or 2000, I decided to reserve a personal domain whose name derived from the name of my favorite Western bird – the Black Phoebe. During that time, a black phoebe nested in my brother’s backyard and we all discovered that not only was it a beautiful bird, but highly fierce belying its small size and cuteness factor. I decided that it was my totem bird.
When I reserved, I tried to convince contributors that it would be a great place for us to publish personal and memorior style writings / art that would not fit’s music and culture focus, to no avail. I had not yet heard of Blogs.
In Nov. of 2001, I finally posted a front page (a flash version of a Malevich piece) and some manifesto about what I wanted to do here. In 2001-2002, I used this space to publish websites for college art / art history classes I was teaching at the time.
March 2003, SXSWi… I caught Blog Fever, I came home and decided to set up Movable Type on my underused One year and eleven months later, this is my primary web publishing space. I love it.

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Sad, but true… no Stans…

I just went to download the newest Quicktime so that I could watch the Puppy Film that I downloaded by BitTorrent, when I found out that Apple has a very abbrievated “Country” list at the Quicktime download site.
I wanted to be from Uzbekistan tonight, to no avail. No Tajikistan, no Afghanistan, no Kurdistan… I had to be from Iceland instead. Stymied! Dang!
But they did list Tuvalu… hmmm… no props for Central Asia, but the Central South Pacific gets props? hmmm…

RSS / Atom Feed Readers

Hello to all the Folks who visit Black Phoebe via a RSS or Atom feed reader…
Can you tell me what client / website / software you prefer to use to read and deliver your RSS / Atom feeds to you? And why?
I am now to the point that I need to move to a feed reader to keep up on the updates at my favorite sites and blogs. Need good references.