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Sun 03.27.05 – If this works… Then hip-hip-hooray for Martin!
Update: 03.27.05 8:50 pm (PST) – And it did. Yeah for Martin!
Ever since I got my lovely little Nokia 7610 phone with the LifeBlog software, I have wanted to use LifeBlog to post directly to Black Phoebe from my phone. I have nattered on extensively in comments over on Charlie’s LifeBlog blog asking (nee…begging) for the ability to post to Movable Type.
On March 7th, Martin emailed me that he fixed up the MT AtomServer.pm script to allow the cameraphone with LifeBlog to post to an MT blog. I tried that night and the next day to no avail. I tried again tonight and it worked. Yeah! Here I go!

Second Update:
Wed. 03.30.05 – As of yesterday, I have been unable to post from my phone’s LifeBlog to this blog and I have tried multiple times with the same post and different ones. Sad. I reloaded the script and checked my permissions and no go. ;o( So, back to Flickr for Ms. Jen.

One thought on “1st Lifeblog post

  1. Hi!
    Have you updated your Lifeblog to a better version (1.60) recently?
    If you have, then you have to make a tiny change to your AtomServer.pm file.
    Drop me a line if you have and I’ll either send you the file, or explain what you need to do!
    I’ve got mine working, but I haven’t figured out how to get the pictures in my posts yet!
    Did you write this entire post using Lifeblog, or did you just send the picture with it?

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