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My Favorite Grandpa Joseph Story

Is a day or two after Christmas 1997, when Uncle Richard, Aunt Doreen, and Grandpa Joseph dropped Erika and I, or maybe just me, off at Penn Station to take the train back to Boston. As we were unloading gear, Grandpa Joseph bops out of the Jeep and down to an adjacent convenience store without saying a word.
Uncle Richard got frustrated and went into the store to look for him, but no Grandpa Joseph. I peeped in, no Grandpa Joseph. Richard told us to go catch our train or we would miss it. I found out later that Grandpa Joseph just decided to have a looksee at the area around Madison Square Garden and came back to the car within 10 minutes or so. Spry at 87.
Spry until the last year or so. He passed late last week. The viewing and funeral were Sunday and yesterday in New York.
Erika told me today that it was open casket and that Grandpa Joseph was placed sitting up in the casket. I would guess that was so he could get his last looksee around.
Yuen-Wei Tsang, May the Lord Bless You.

All the LifeBlog Posts

I was just tripping down Internet Lane when I decided to run a Google Search on “LifeBlog Post”.
Google turned up the following LifeBloggers:
When one is using the LifeBlog software to post from one’s phone to one’s TypePad mo-blog, if you don’t fill in the Title the default is “Lifeblog Post”.
I searched 4 pages deep and saw no search link to Wasabi. This is sad, since our gang frequently uses the title of “Lifeblog Post.”
On another LifeBlog tip, Roland commented to Ippi’s post:

people are already doing this with Flickr (and others) and their blogs already
the only “innovation” that LifeBlog brings to the party is the inclusion of SMS and MMS
since nobody uses MMS, the inclusion of MMS is questionable
and since lifeblog only works on Nokia phones, it probably won’t take off

I must respectfully disagree here. As a person using both Flickr and LifeBlog, I would always choose LifeBlog over Flickr if I could post directly here to Black Phoebe via my Movable Type interface. I use Flickr here at BlackPhoebe as it is the easiest solution, but not my favorite. I don’t like hosting my photos on another server, when I sent my photos up to flickr from my phone I can’t rotate them until later when I get to a computer and log into flickr, etc. etc. etc.
With LifeBlog, I can rotate the photos from the phone, I can control my post’s title, blog entry and tags from the phone. Even though I am a guest blogger at Wasabi, I have more control of my post later when I get to my computer than I do on how it is presented at Flickr.
Now, if only I could post to Movable Type from my Nokia 7610’s onboard Lifeblog….