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Ribbit, Ribbit… Croak….

What started out as a scratchy voice last monday after a weekend at the Pala Casino for my Grandma’s 85th birthday, has turned into a full fledged case of laryngitis and a dry cough if I try to talk. Other than no voice and an occasional dry cough cough, I feel fine. Bleh.
Some days I sound like a little frog and today is the toad voice day. Croak. Bleh.
When I am working too much during the week and then have to work the weekend at Alex’s in the noise and smoke, I have been known to be hoarse for a day or two, but not a week. Punk Rock Bowling is this upcoming weekend. Bleh. If I can’t speak now, how I am I going to navigate 3.5 days of smokey Vegas? Croak…

The Golden Calf

The Golden Calf

Thurs 02.10.05 – Sangre de Toro’s 50th anniversary for the 2003 vintage has a gold plastic bull attached to the bottle rather than a black one.

San Diego Über Alles

San Diego Über Alles

Fri 02.04.05 – Karl Irish = Terrorist Threat… Or so says the San Diego Police Dept as they shutdown tonight’s all ages punk show at 7pm because the show’s flyer was considered a terrorist threat. Ridiculous! Karl Irish, the man who wears a flask belt full of 151 and a cowboy hat, a threat? Republican San Diego is insane. Need I say more?

Happy Groundhog’s Day or Imbolc or Candlemas or St. Brigit’s Day! Keep Warm!

St. Brigid's Well
Photo of St. Brigid’s Well &
the 12th Station of the Cross by Jen Hanen

According to Phil, it is 6 more weeks of winter. Today dawned bright, clear, and very windy. After the big winds of today and yesterday, SoCal will need more rain very soon…
According to the Weather Corner:

Groundhog Day has its roots in an ancient Celtic celebration called Imbolog. This date is the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. In an agrarian society that was very dependent on the weather, this was a time to celebrate having made it halfway through winter. The superstition arose that if the weather was fair on Imbolog, the second half of the winter would be cold and stormy, but if the weather was cold and overcast or stormy, the second half of the winter would be mild.
In Christian times, Feb. 2 was celebrated as Candlemas, but the earlier Imbolog superstition continued. In Scotland they said, “If Candlemas be bright and clear, there’ll be two winters in the year” and in England, they said, “If Candlemas be sunny and warm, ye may mend your mittens and look for a storm.”
The Romans learned of this tradition from the Celts, and eventually brought them to the area that became Germany. German immigrants brought these beliefs to Pennsylvania, and the tradition of predicting the weather became centered on the woodchuck, or groundhog. is kind enough give the low down on Imbolc:

Today marks Candlemas, the Festival of Lights, the Midwinter Festival. Known to Neopagans and ancient Celts as Imbolc (Gaelic origin, “in milk), a festival of the Maiden Goddess and a traditional time to bless agricultaral implements (especoially the Plough) and livestock.
Neopagans celebrate the holiday with home blessings and lighting candles to welcome the coming of the light and the Goddess in Spring.
In Ireland, the day is the festival of St. Bridget, a holdover from celebrations oif the Celtic Goddess Brigid. Traditional “corn dollies” and “Bridget’s crosses” are fashioned from straw.

Today, February 2nd, is also my father, Campbell Hanen’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Cam!
I have loved Groundhog’s Day for a number of years, as it is whimsical and bordering on downright silly. I like under-appreciated holidays that don’t have the full weight of 8 weeks of marketing blitz behind it.
More from’s Landscape guy on the Origins of Groundhog’s Day.