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First We Were On, Then We Were Off, Then We Were Back On Again, And Then This Monday… We Were Back Off Again…

I alluded to it in this entry.
I got a call back in Sept. asking if I would go give blood to see if I was a match. I did. And I was.
On Dec. 9th, I went in for a full half day physicial. Blood. Heart. Chest. Urine. X-Ray. Multiple nice nurses and one cranky doctor. We were on. Scheduled for Mon. Jan. 3rd.
Then four days before Christmas it was called off. The transplant recipient had fallen out of remission. Donation cancelled.
Mon. Feb. 7th, I recieved a phone message from the NMDP saying that the donation was back on. More blood tests. More investment.
I returned home from Bowling on Monday evening, to find another message. We are off. Recipient is too ill to be a candidate for stem cell transplant.
Please pray for this leukemia patient, whose name I don’t know.
Consider registering to be in the Marrow Donor pool. It is a gift.