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I was listening to my phone messages today and there was a funny one from Julie Wanda from yesterday:
“Hi Jen. I called to see how last night’s Riverboat Gamblers show went. And then I realized that this was my last free weekend before my class starts. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA……..”
About sums up how I feel. I love teaching. I know that Julie Wanda loves teaching. But it is a big time suck when one has a full-time or two jobs and then is an adjunct professor. People are surprised to find out how much time teaching one class takes: prepping, actual class time, and grading. That time comes out of other non-work time. That time takes away from social life, house life, and other bits.
During winter or summer break, one relishes the freed up time. Even though I never did get to the big room cleaning project that I promised myself I would do… erg.
JW: Here’s to us. The last week before the 16 week crunchtime!