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Out of Beta, Into Prime Time – Wasabi!

Tredair Kitty Shoes
Photo of Tredair Kitty Shoes at the Electric Chair by Jen’s Nokia 7610

I am participating in a collaborative group mo/pho-blog – Wasabi – that uses Nokia 7610s or Nokia 6670s camera phones and Nokia’s LifeBlog software to post directly to a Typepad blog from the phone.
We have been beta testing the phones, LifeBlog, and Wasabi for a month now, until Charlie took off the password protection and launched us!
Go check Wasabi out. I have been having a blast posting directly to the blog from my phone using the LifeBlog on the phone, as it is much easier than using Flickr or Mfop2.
How so? In LifeBlog, I can view and rotate the photos, add metadata, and make a blog post in Lifeblog, and best of all “mark” up to four photos for upload to the blog at the same time. Once I push send, there it goes. When I view the blog from my phone’s browser or from a computer, Lifeblog has already formatted the photos into a table of thumbnails.
Now, how about LifeBlog for MT?