Notes from a Foggy Saturday Night

1) I am coming down with a cold / flu / cough / headache / foggy head and I am sitting here taking $ from stoned reggae fans at Alex’s door. Lots of the folk expect to the be on the guest list, when they are not. They are really on my Pest List.
I keep wondering where their enterprenurial spirit is? Shouldn’t really cheap stoners be growing certain things hydroponically, selling such things, and then they would have the $ to pay five peasely dollars.
So the next cheap dufus who demands that they are on the list when they are not, I will offer to let them in for free if I can take their pic and get their real name and post both here. How cheap are they?
2) It has been a long week. A long week made good by the re-emergence of the sun. I can actually walk across the backyard without leaving deep footprints.
3) Last Sunday afternoon, in the downpour, Erika and I went to the Huntington Library for the last day of “The Bible and the People” exhibition. It was an interesting day. The show was ok, most of what was presented was the physical evidence of much what I had learned as a Biola student or in the history of graphic design. The best and worst part of the day were outside of the show.
4) Worst part, first… I leave the exhibition to use the ladies room in the lobby of the building, when a very sleek, expensive, aristocractic woman walked into the restroom ahead of me. She opened up and checked out every stall before choosing the handicap stall. I went into one of the middle stalls. I as I was doing my potty business, she moved into the stall next to me and started using a very loud vibrating machine of some sort. The noise went back and forth. I was appalled, finished up quickly, washed my hands and ran out. As I got out to the lobby, the noise of the vibrating machine (you know what it was) was reverberating and growing louder as echoed through the marble lobby.
Erika and the front door guard were standing near the front door with bewildered looks on their faces, I said sotto voce, “The woman in all black with the heels on is using a vibrator in the bathroom.” “No, maybe she is shaving,” says Erika. “Shaving? Back and forth, it would be done in a pass or two.” “Well, she could get a quieter one. They do make silent vibrators.”
HELLO! Hello! Hello! What is up with the Pasadena / San Marino aristocrats? Hello! Either at home or get a silent model. Hello! Simply not classy.
5) Best part of the Huntington is the parking lot aisle names. Not Eyore or Tinkerbell or Ariel, but plant names like Cactus 2.
6) A continuing thorn in my side is Honda’s lack of bell or warning sound when one leaves one’s lights on. I told myself driving all the way up from Orange in the heavy rain to remember to turn my lights off when I got out. Did I? No, in the daylight, even if cloudy, I can’t see that the lights are on. When I returned to my car at nearly 6pm, in the dark, in the heavy rain. No battery power. Damned Honda.
If California is going to have a law that one’s lights are to be during the day during the rain, then Honda needs to have a warning sound when one has left one’s lights on.
The Upswing of the Saturday night Notes is that one probably shouldn’t blog when one is sick and working. Cranky Jen…

2 thoughts on “Notes from a Foggy Saturday Night

  1. the lady in the bathroom was probably and most likely using a breast pump. That happened to me once and I thought the same thing but it was a breast pump. And what wrong with a parking lot aisle named tinkerbell? hmm . . . hmm? Hope you feel better!

  2. Ummm… she didn’t look like she was lactating and she did not have a stroller in tow.
    Alex thought maybe it was a colostomy bag pump.
    smiles, jen ;o)

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