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I was listening to my phone messages today and there was a funny one from Julie Wanda from yesterday:
“Hi Jen. I called to see how last night’s Riverboat Gamblers show went. And then I realized that this was my last free weekend before my class starts. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA……..”
About sums up how I feel. I love teaching. I know that Julie Wanda loves teaching. But it is a big time suck when one has a full-time or two jobs and then is an adjunct professor. People are surprised to find out how much time teaching one class takes: prepping, actual class time, and grading. That time comes out of other non-work time. That time takes away from social life, house life, and other bits.
During winter or summer break, one relishes the freed up time. Even though I never did get to the big room cleaning project that I promised myself I would do… erg.
JW: Here’s to us. The last week before the 16 week crunchtime!

Just Say No to Fletcher Jones

Fletcher Jones Motorcars = SLIMY FUCKS WHO ABUSE ELDERS
Ok. Tonight, on my way to work, I went over to my brother’s to walk Scruffy and then I went to Long’s Drugstore to get some sunglasses. I pulled into the parking lot next to a beautiful, new silver Mercedes convertible. As I got out of my car, the driver of the Mercedes said, “What are you doing here?”
It was my brother. My brother makes good money, but not THAT good.
“Whose car is that?” I ask.
“Grandpa’s.” Joe said.
“When did he get that? Before he went to Uruguay?” (Our maternal grandfather does have the dough for a pricey car and is in South America for a few months.)
“No,” said Joe, “Our other grandpa.”
“WHAT?!?! Grandpa Bill doesn’t even have enough money for his rent and prescriptions!!!”
Then my brother told me a sordid tale of Fletcher Jones fleecing bored seniors. Last Friday, Jan. 21, 2005, our Grandpa Bill Hanen, aged 88, was bored and decided to go over to Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach (he lives in Laguna Woods) to look at cars for a way to pass the day. While he was peering at cars, a salesman got him in the office, ran his credit report and next thing my grandpa knew he had a 5 year lease on a brand new Mercedes convertible.
Have I mentioned that my grandpa is 88 and a wee bit addled? When he got home he called my dad. My dad and brother tried to give the car back and were told no go. My brother called Ernie the Attorney, aka Ernie the Pitbull. Ernie is on the case.
Fletcher Jones told Ernie that the lease was signed and for 5 years. Ernie the Pitbull is on the case. Elder abuse.
As Joe and I walked through Long’s, we discussed the situation. It is one thing to know that it is time to take the car keys away from one’s grandpa for good, but another to have him locked into a $1,250 lease per month when his Social Security is barely that.
Fletcher Jones = Just Say No. Sharks. DO NOT go to their lot.
Needless to say, I am very angry. My brother has the car for safe keeping. This is obscene.
Visit Toyota, get a Prius.

Someone take the Camera Away from Jen…

Fri. 01.21.05 – Jisu and Jamie early in the evening at the Youth Brigade show at Alex’s Bar. They could not coordinate both keeping their eyes open at the same time, so they made me take three pics, and then Jisu told me that I had to put them all up together in a row.

Getting Excited for SXSW

I have had my badge for SXSW Interactive and Music booked since November. I bought my plane ticket for Austin a week and a half ago. Today, in a fit of procrastination, I searched for who was talking about it and the good news is that Brad has resurrected the SXSW Blog as SXSW Baby! Yeah!
Robert Duffy at has put together a blog for SXSW Music. Good thing that Alex is coming early, as DW has reported that QotSA is playing on Tuesday!
Here are some SXSW Blogs to follow for the next 7 weeks: