Monthly Archives: December 2004


I have lots to say, but I am on holiday, so I shall make the following notes:
1) A persistent family myth is about to be debunked by me. My genealogical research has proven that we are just Irish, with some Scottish, and not anything fancy. Sorry, Great Grandma Carrie and Great Uncle Dick, sorry.
2) I love my new Nokia 7610. Post to Web feature – easy. Ooohh… metadata galore… ooohhhh… I have been inserting metadata on all my photos and then when the phone posts to the Typepad Lifeblog, it all shows up. Lovely. I need a post to my moveable type blog feature that is that lovely.
3) I broke rank and went to Xmas mass yesterday. So happy. So nice. So not protestant. So right. Lots more comments later.

That Time Again… Keywords.!

Flock of Goo Goo - New Year's Eve

In the ever bizarre keywords world or how do folks find this website, I offer to you the most recent 10:
Last 10 queries:
1. “Flock of Goo Goo”
2. ms world nude
4. mckenna volkswagen
5. black woman photo
6. new year’s eve “long beac
7. black phoebe
8. Black Phoebe
9. liam and jen
10. Ms Jen
SWAT? What? huh? Liam? Do I know a Liam? Ok, my baby cousin…
Ms. World Nude? Does that mean she is as big as the world? Or just as nude as the world?
Yes! Flock of Goo Goo is playing at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach for the New Year’s Eve New Wave Prom on Fri. Dec. 31st. Yes, I will be taking Prom Photos from 9-11pm again this year…