Monthly Archives: November 2004

Why I love Super N and TWC

Late last Sunday night, the unimaginable happened… the internet went down in my house. No ethernet, no wi-fi, no nothing. Gasp! Shock! Horror! The cessation of my connection occurred 10 minutes after the Santa Ana winds started blowing in earnest, just as I was trying to set up a shopping cart for a client. Vlargh.
Monday morning was a flurry of re-booting the modem, calling the tech folk at Time-Warner Cable, and generally spazzing out (“The first technician can’t come until Friday?!?! What??? I am a web designer on deadline…”). After much to do, I went to two different Time-Warner Cable locations looking for a replacement modem, to no avail. The modem worked just fine, but it was the cable itself that was dead, dead, dead.
Three and a half whole days with no broadband. Three and a half whole days of struggling to connect to some neighbor’s unprotected “very low” linksys wi-fi and “low” if I stood on the porch with my laptop. Thanks to the neighbor for no WEP or MAC…
Today, Nathaniel, the nice lovely Time-Warner Cable fellow who installed my cable modem two years ago, returned at 8:42am to repair the winds’ damage. Super N to the rescue. Mr. N climbed two telephone poles and then freelanced with a single span ladder to the middle of the lines between the poles 25 plus feet up in the air to string new cable for us. Yeah to tattoo’d quiet cable guys.
Apparently the winds caused the front Elm’s top branches to damage the cable up on the main street line. It took Super N two hours to repair the damage, string a new cable between the two poles and then to the house, and then he switched out our old modem and wi-fi router for a moden-router combo, and there was no charge. ;oD

America Uber Alles

Dunstan, a lovely Brit, has said it best. Last night around 1:30am, I gave up and went to bed, as it felt so eerily similar to 1:30am four years ago, except this time the news was delivered by wi-fi rather than dial up. The punchline of this me-fi post by Prince Vallium made me laugh out loud this morning. And then me-fi’s Matt Haughey made me laugh even harder when I looked up at the logo banner.
Here are my initial thoughts:
1) Well, Republicans, guess you all, your theories, and practices are really on the proving ground now… Republican president, Republican House, Republican Senate… no more liberal whipping boys for you all now… No more excuses. Time to put the peddle to the metal. God really help America.
2) Well, Democrats, guess it is really time to get your shite together. Hello, wakey up-ey, wakey up-ey! Please get some Vision! Please get some backbone! Please fight the good fight! Can we say Obama for 2008?
3) Well, America, guess 51% of you got want you asked for… the high moral platform of Liar-Liar-Pants-On-Fire and his Neo-Con Puppeteers. Hello, wakey up-ey, wakey up-ey! In terms of sin before God, lying, murder and stealing get top billing on the Ten Commandments, how is that moral? Thanks for selling the whole country down the corporate corruption, neo-con (neo-facist?) high road. Yikes!

Electronic Voting in Orange County

Election Day fun facts from Orange County, CA:
1) When my mom asked for a paper ballot today at the Estancia High School polling place because she did not trust a receipt-less computer voting, she was given a Spanish only ballot. Lucky for her, she is fluent in Spanish. Then she gave the poll worker the what for. Apparrently, English paper ballots were premium… or …
2) At the Orange City Hall polling place, the 50-something woman in front of me in line was very distressed about electronic voting. I told her that she was able to request a paper by California law. Minutes later, a nice Mexican-American gentlemen announced in a loud voice to all the line that they could ask for paper ballots.
3) The best yet, the lame Orange County electronic voting machine that I used today, a good quarter of the time would not check what I wanted it to, but the candidate above or below your choice. To back track, uncheck and the re-check the right one took some doing. The best part was that Leonard Peltier was just next to George Bush on the line up, and Leonard was checking in on over 700 votes in OC last I checked. Wonder how many of those votes were intentional or the mistake of the electronic voting machine? Poetic justice?
4) Did I mention that the Hart InterCiviceSlate” voting machines are incredibly counter-intuitive and that even for a die-hard computer user quite difficult, let alone for one’s technophobic mom? Maybe Hart InterCivic needs to hire a good Product Designer and User Interface Designer…. hmmm…

“Mexico may be corrupt, but at least they are honest about it. You don’t see Presidente Fox running around claiming to be moral or that he is doing God’s work.” – my roommate on why she is moving to Tijuana if Bush wins.
Ohio is still open. There is still time. One does not need to wonder about an southern apartment just yet.
There is also still time for California, Oregon and Washington to succeed from the US… and then we can charge really high tariffs to the US on cheap Wal-Mart goods from China that come through our ports to fund our liberal social programs.
Lauren and I are currently composing our own map of the US. The West Coast and Northeast and Rust Belt would break off, Austin would be like West Berlin during the Cold War. The Mid-West and South can go their own way.