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How I fell down an Internet Black Hole….

nov2004port.jpgLast night at 10:31pm, at least 3 hours before I normally go to bed, I set my alarm clock for its usual time of 10:32am and turned off the lights. Yes, I slept for 12 hours straight and for good reason. I was exhausted from the night before.
On Sunday night just before midnight, I finished some client work and gave myself 30 minutes to fall down one of my favorite internet black holes: genealogical research. Four hours plus some later, my eyes were burning in my head and I was very frustrated with has changed their search rubric in recent years to the ULTRA frustrating. I have used the site, in combination with Rootsweb and Google, for over 3 years now trying to piece together my family history. Two years ago, for no money at all I was able to put together a family tree from my research.
Recently my dad funded a real account with so I could ferret out the finer details and proofs of the family tree. Can I say RIP OFF? Yes, say it again, RIP OFF.
Two Hundred and some odd dollars later for a year Super Subscription, I know very little less than I knew before paying the money. On Sunday night / Monday morning, I found more on Google for free than on
Every time I would type in “Lasourd” to’s search, it would return 3,000 entries for “Lucretia” and “Lockheart”. What the … Hello, for all the money they are making, can’t they hire a decent search software engineer or is the purpose of this search engine to trick folks into thinking that has more information available for just a small fee and then one finds out after the info is unlocked that it is for LUCRETIA and not Lasourd!?!
I cannot even begin to describe my frustration with such completely off search results for all the monely invested, when Google would deliver the correct results for FREE. fools you into thinking that they have great databases, but they don’t, they just recycle free info available in state archives, the hard work of folk transcribing census results, and private websites. I will be calling them to have a chat about this.

Sponge Jen Crankypants

Today, I hit an extreme moment of cellphone induced crankypants.
For the first three years of my cellphone ownership, I had out of economic necessity the smallest minuted national plan in the nation. But dang it all, it was cheap. Cheap, I tell you.
To make this work for me, I had the number blocked, only gave out my number to close family and a few friends. Most of the time the phone lived under the driver’s seat of my car off. Yes, off.
Off is the best way to have cheap cellphone bills. But an off cellphone really irrates other people.
In August, my roommate gave me her old Nokia 6360, which was a big upgrade over my previous Nokia, and AT&T was kind enough to give me extra minutes to extend my contract for a year. Which I did.
A total of 350 weekday minutes made me feel rich. I started to leave my phone on and actually answering it. In this feeling of freedom and in an expansive mood, I took off the number block. And there began the beginning of the end.
People who I called then had my cell number and forgot about my real phone number (home / office). And instead used my cell number. And used it. And passed it on. Less than one month later, I was all finished with my bright and shiny minutes three weeks into my monthly billing cycle. This happened two months in a row.
As a stop gap, I started not answering the cell unless I knew it was important. I stopped answering any phone number not in my address book. I made my cell voice mail state that I would only listen to the messages on the weekends and to call my home phone if you didn’t want to wait for nearly a week for me to return the call.
And it just kept ringing. And ringing. And I went mad yesterday. Angry mad. I had 8 calls from numbers I did not know. I just looked at the phone and said “F**k you.” I called my home phone, retrieved my messages and called everyone that needed a call back. My cell continued to ring.
Today, I listened to my messages and all the phone calls were from music industry people who had the office number at Alex’s and my home number, knew I was at the office, and continued to call my cell. But how they got my cell I didn’t know at the time. I was pissed. Alex does not pay my cell bill.
Thus, this afternoon, I called AT&T and changed my cell number. Until next time…

The Dangers of Home Hair Dressing….

Yesterday, the split ends on the bleached / purple / pink parts of my hair started to bug me bad. Today, I decided that I did not want to deal with a trip to the hairdresser, so I just started to whack at it with my good scissors (pic #1 on the left). Upon seeing the piles of hair on the floor and in the wastebasket (pic #2, center), I started to laugh at myself, hard. It was before breakfast and any caffiene. After I washed my hair, trimmed up the mistakes, and dried it, it turned out ok (pic #3 on the right). All that maniac energy in 20 mins., all to save time and a few $. What a DIY geek.

Happy Birthday to the Best One Year Old!

A freshly bathed Scruffy on Fri. Nov. 5, 2004.

On Nov. 7, 2003, a runt with “black points” was born to a Maltese litter. On Nov. 7, 2004, Scruffy McDoglet is a much loved scrappy little one year old.

Testing from my cellphone

I am having trouble getting MT to rebuild when the entry is sent. Bugger.
Update: This is now from my PC, to get this entry to post, I have to hit rebuild from my computer’s interface with MT. Hmmm.. has anyone out there used Mfop2 with MT3.121?