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The local Paper Whites are Confused

May of 2003, I planted six tulip bulbs in my driveway side yard after receving them as a birthday gift. They have never bloomed. I admit that I didn’t refigerate them all summer and fall and then plant them in January as one is supposed to in SoCal.
Last week after our first round of rains, when green shoots came up near where I had planted the tulip bulbs, I got excited. Hey, it is not spring, it is the beginning of fall. But it is SoCal and bulbs can get confused here as the rains start before the cold starts. Then again, the confusion continues as it never really gets cold here.
On Friday, as I was packing up the car to go to my client meeting and then to Bishop/Mammoth, I noticed that the greenery was about to bloom. I came home on Sunday to Paper Whites in the early fall, not red tulips in the spring. Confused bulbs.