Some Tibbits from a lovely Saturday Afternoon

1) I really wish US presidential elections were MUCH shorter, maybe a max of six months, as I reached my endpoint with this election cyle sometime before the summer conventions. Now I am at the point that I am very turned off by any ad from either side of any campaign or issue. How do I know this? Yesterday I found myself watching a political ad on a tv at Alex’s and the only thing I thought was, “Wow, Arnold has been so busy lately, he forgot to get his botox update shots.”
Sad, but true. What issue was Arnold stumping for? I don’t remember, I just know he looked surprisingly haggard and 60-something. I here thought it was against an LA County law for any movie star or Westside resident to look older than 40…
2) Tonight is the big Halloween bash at Alex’s and I have no heart for it. I do like to dress up, but Halloween is not my favorite event for dressing up. I prefer to dress up fun or fancy with current items in my closet for a special event, but dressing up in costume takes too much mental energy and requires the dreaded *shopping*. I would rather plan a fun bowling costume for Punk Rock Bowling, than a Halloween costume.
So, I borrowed my sister’s Lady Guinevere costume from last year, and my sister borrowed my Punk Rock Bowling outfit from two years ago. Stacey is going to loan me a stuffed frog and Lauren has loaned me her “Princess” cap. I shall be a princess with a frog who has steadfastly refused to change into a prince…
Update: I just tried on the borrowed costume from my sister, and it is so not going to work. ARGH! What do I do? It is huge! Labelled adult medium, but it is made of stretch velvet and is made for someone much taller and larger. Dang. Back to the drawing board at 5pm. Due to my shopping aversion, I will have to work with what is in my closet. Argh.
3) The victorian I live in is a duplex and people in the front moved out last weekend with no notice and are putting on a garage sale tomorrow as their last act. I called several friends who need a place to see if they are interested, as I would like to have people I know and like in front of me, rather than a random stranger(s). Matt and April came and checked it out today. I would love it if they moved in… ;o)