Tid Bits from a Hot Weekend

Oh when will the chilly 75 degree weather come? As Bill the Cat would say, “Ppphbbttt….”
1) Last night I sat at the door at Alex’s making/forcing/kindlyasking folks to pay $5 for a surprise Zeke show. People are cheap and they frequently complain about paying $3 or $5 bucks to see three bands or more. If you can’t afford $3 or $5 for a great band, why even leave your house? Why not just stay home with a 40 ouncer of some scary malt liquor that costs less than $5 at your local liquor emporium?
2) Legends and old stories are frequently discounted by the “Everything Must Be Tested In A Rigorous Double-Blind Experiment” set as merely myth until some intrepid person sets out to prove the legend true, the famed example of this is the discovery of Troy. Now DNA testing proves true the tale of the old legend that Irish celts originated from northern Spain.
3) Sorry I have been MIA here not just the last week, but on and off in the last month. My sister broke both of her arms in late July. I have been trading off helping her with my mom. Between working two and a half jobs (Alex’s, web design clients, and teaching), I have been too beat to think clearly let alone post.
4) As the last note, have I mentioned how evily hot, humid, and smoggy it has been here lately? Ugh. Erika asked me yesterday if I want to go on a spontaneous lark trip to Ireland, I say yes as long as Ireland promises to rain and have temps under 60 degrees….