Feeling the Need to Know?

Bless the Federal campaign reform acts and the like, as here is a great search to find out how much an individual has contributed to a political campaign in the last two years (link via Metafilter)
You can search on how much and to whom George Bush has contributed to. My big $10 donation to Gen. Clark’s campaign last year is not showing up, but my grandfather and uncle’s combined $13,000 of donations to various Republican campaigns and lobbyists are showing up.

One thought on “Feeling the Need to Know?

  1. Hi, I cruise in from Marti’s site. This site is cool, I use one in reporting every so often at tray.com:
    It has some extra stuff that your link doesn’t, like you can search for donations by candidate or see who the PACs are contributing to. You might find your donation on there too, who knows?

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