Attack of the 3 am Muncher…

I am now officially Alex’s external hard drive or his “Mini-Me” or his official Assistant Talent Buyer / Assistant General Manager, depending on how you want to label my employment. He calls me his external hard drive, I laugh because it is true, as my overactive memory and large brain are both finally good for something… ;op
While we have official office hours of Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 to 7pm, I am at Alex’s more days than that and many evenings. All of this combined with my web design business, magazine world, and teaching, makes for very long days and even longer nights getting me home and in bed usually around 2 or 3 am.
Last night I got home just before 2am, I ate dinner, read the paper, took a shower, and went down to sleep after 3am. All the while I kept hearing loud munching, scraping, and gnawing sounds.
This summer the kitchen had a rodent who lived in the basement but would crawl up between the broken plaster to visit the trash can below the sink. Last night, I wondered if said rodent had crawled up into the wall between my desk in the living room and my bedroom as the chewing / gnawing sounds were very loud. As I tried to go to sleep, the sound appeared to come from just near my window.
This afternoon I went to water the lawn and backyard only to discover that the hydranga bush next to my bedroom window was sporting only the top five leaves. It was missing the other 30 to 40 leaves that it had two days ago.
Scuffy has been known to chew on the bottom leaves of the hydranga when he has the time, but last night he was at Joe’s. The neighborhood cats don’t chew on it. That only leaves one of Waggle Butt’s great grandkids… Yes, the local possum family.
The attack of the killer possum!