The Standard, Sent, and The Sky


On Saturday evening at 7pm, I met up with Erika at the Standard Hotel in downtown LA for the “Sent” photo exhibition. Xeni Jardin and the SixSpace Gallery put together the first ever cell phone camera photo exhibit. It was wonderful.
The “Sent” exhibition will be up only this week at the Standard until Saturday, but can also be found online at the SentOnline site. The curators had printed out the photos of the invited cell phone artists and lined them up in 6 or so rows on one wall of the Burnette conference room. The online submissions were served slide show style by four monitors along another wall. Very minimalistic, but it showcased the images and brought their beauty into sharp focus.
After meeting Xeni and having a small chat with Darcy, Erika and I went downstairs to the outside patio. I looked up and saw a very tall glass building shooting up into the still bright evening sky in contrast to the calm Japanese aestethic of the patio. I had to take a few photos.

One thought on “The Standard, Sent, and The Sky

  1. Lovely pics! The Standard is so uber-cool. It’s like being in a James Bond movie, an old one, back when Roger Moore reigned and the ladies wore go-go boots and bikinis.

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