I have GMail Invites… in exchange for a good laugh!

About 2 or so weeks ago, I was reading Tom Coates’ Plasticbag and made a silly comment (due to lateness of the hour and the glass of Sangre de Toro I was drinking). Tom sent me an invite to Gmail and requested the following:

I hope you enjoy it – and you’ll probably find in a couple of weeks that you can invite some people as well. Could I ask that once you’ve give a couple to friends and family, you give the last one to a complete stranger who says something funny on the internet?

Thank you, Tom! And he was right, after two weeks on the Gmail system, I now have invites to give out.
So, my faithful readers and folks who just tripped in via a search engine, make a good funny comment or tell a good funny story, and I will give a few Gmail invites out.

12 thoughts on “I have GMail Invites… in exchange for a good laugh!

  1. Running, in it’s simplest form; pushing further the apex of my capabilities. I feel myself tearing apart, the agony excruciating. Finally I feel the barrier break and thereafter comes the euphoria. Yes, knocking on neighbours doors and running has never been so much fun! 😛
    Didn’t have the funniest story to tell, but I would not choose to be a person without honour either 🙂

  2. I can’t ever think of something funny on demand! Except that what I’ve heard about gmail is that it’s designed so that google can search folks’ inboxes so as to better target them for advertising purposes. Sorry to get all Big Brother, but there you have it. I’d still like an invite though : )

  3. Hiya, I found this quite funny, Enjoy.
    * Wine her,
    * Dine her,
    * Call her,
    * Hug her,
    * Support her,
    * Hold her,
    * Surprise her,
    * Compliment her,
    * Smile at her,
    * Listen to her,
    * Laugh with her,
    * Cry with her,
    * Romance her,
    * Encourage her,
    * Believe in her,
    * Pray with her,
    * Pray for her,
    * Cuddle with her,
    * Shop with her,
    * Give her jewelry,
    * Buy her flowers,
    * Hold her hand,
    * Write love letters to her,
    * Go to the end of the Earth and back again for her.
    * Show up naked …
    * Bring food .
    * Don’t block the TV

  4. modern forms of communication.
    and tell a women 😉
    Only joking please don;t hit me the voice made me do it.

  5. Fishing for a GMail account here, worth a try I feel.
    You should give me that GMail account because I’d use it to send emails to prospective sponsors for the new sport I wish to introduce to this fine country – Cheese Hopping. I’m also trying to champion the return of ballroom dancing to your mainstream pubs and clubs.
    By the way, if I don’t happen to be in recipt of the GMail account, then I’d be very tempted to say yes to a colonic.
    Could you live with that guilt?

  6. Oh, in addition – if you did grace me with an invitation, then I’d do exactly the same thing as you’re doing here, only somewhere else…
    And I most certainly would avoid a colonic.

  7. This is the funniest story I have. Enjoy.
    (originally posted on Feb 23rd, 2004 on my blog)
    I have recently gotten drunk and told some funny stories to Stephanie. She made me promise to write them down, to be honest, and to let go. So all week long, this past week, I have been trying to think of the best way to tell the tale of how I shit my pants on picture day in nursery school.
    Thursday night Stephanie and I talked some more. As usual, I walked away inspired, and drunk. The night didn

  8. Best way to avoid pregnancy…..use 2 condoms…with chilly sauce in between…..in the inner one breaks….she knows…..if the outer one breaks…he knows….and if both break…..what the heck…WE ALL KNOW

  9. hi! this is a good laugh. if not clickable please type it in your browser. movie about this land is my land.
    hope to see one invite in my mailbox. thanks..

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