File Under : UGH!

Today the US Postal Service returned my rent checks and the torn envelope they went out in back to me in a plastic bag with a letter, that said:

July 7, 2004
Postal Customer
Re: Damage Mail
Dear Sir/Madam:
I apologize for the condition of the enclosed envelope you mailed at the Plaza Station in Orange, CA on or about July 6, 2004. [note: actually July 3rd]
Apparently, someone put “human excrement” in the collection box which covered approximately 37 pieces of out going mail. We have bagged each piece of damaged mail and returning it to you. Also, I have enclosed a 37 cent stamp so you can re-mail this item.
I recognize these are bills so you can copy this letter for your creditors. I’m requesting any late fees not be assessed to you for this was out of your control. If your ceditors need further information they can contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx, [note: number x’d out by Jen] Monday thru Friday.
Again please accept my apology for the condition of your mail.

Other than the local USPS customer service manager’s inability to spell and grammar check his letter, the worst/repelling part of opening the large white envelope was the sight and smell of the enclosed plastic bag with the brown stained remnants of two rent checks. I entertained the possibility of taking a picture of it and posting it here, but decided to reproduce the apology letter instead.
How to explain this to the landlady? My other two big questions are what idiot decided to put shit in the mail box over Fourth of July weekend and why did this person think it would be a fine thing to do?

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