Compare the Malteses:

On the Left pop-up photo, we have three very Pampered Pups… three malteses with long groomed hair in a Volkswagen van as spied by me in Tustin yesterday.
On the Right pop-up photo, we have Mr. Scruffy McDoglet… a very punk rock maltese with short spiky hair that likes to dread up.
What I can’t figure out is how do pampered maltese owners keep up with their dog’s hair? I shampoo, condition (with Biolage, no less), comb out, and keep short Scruffy’s hair, to no avail. Scruffy is active, mischievious, and happy. I can’t imagine him with long fancy, Maltese hair. More like, I can’t imagine my brother Joe and I keeping up with Scruffy’s hair.
On another Pup note: Jon Katz talking about Dogs and his new book, The New Work of Dogs : Tending to Life, Love, and Family, on Fresh Air.

3 thoughts on “Compare the Malteses:

  1. Ha! Hardly a Hipster, more like Dog with Hacked Hair.
    Joe and I tried to give Scruffy a shave/haircut today and the dreads would not go through the sled of the electric shaver. Thus the sled came off and the BIG hacks started… Yikes!
    No one should EVER hire me to pet groom. Ever.

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