A True Delight : Barn Swallows in Norwalk


In the alley/back parking lot behind the squat run down 1950’s five shop strip “mall” that houses the best Thai food in the whole of the state of Caliornia or the U.S. or Western Hemisphere depending on the critic (quite bizzarely in Norwalk of all places); there perches, swoops, and devores flies and other opportunistic insects is a whole clan of barn swallows. Colorful, chirpy, and cheerful, they light up every hot summer in that dingy alley that they call home.
If I haven’t raved up Renu Nakorn yet, go. Drive down the 5 fwy or up it to the of what some Angelenos or Orange Countias would call the nmiddle no man’s land of SoCal between the 605 and 10 fwy… go. Go for the best Thai that will ever delight your mouth. Go in the summer to see the barn swallows perched on the back telephone lines. Go for the beef larp, the papaya salad, and the sticky rice.