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The Dog Days of Fire Season

About a week after the Fourth of July we here in SoCal enterned into the Dog Days of Fire Season. I am now riding out the heat that should last well into October.
As a moderate pale green, I live without air conditioning in the house and car. Car – I don’t have the $$$ at any given time to refresh the old school freon. House – I don’t feel like paying for some SoCal Edison’s executive’s family August vacations to Alaska with a $350 electrical bill per month. I like our $23 / month summer electrical bill.
Scruffy is one unhappy hot pup. Ms. Jen is currently sporting a Marge Simpson-like hairdo in the attempt to be cooler, except it is not blue nor do I store my change in the updo.
But the backyard lemon tree is at its absolute happiest that I have seen it in the nearly four years that I have lived here, as it is bearing big, juicy lemons instead of bizarrely shaped lemons with no juice. This evening I plucked three lemons, juice still hot from the day’s heat, and made Sangriade.

Ms. Jen’s Sangriade:
The juice of 3 lemons
1/4 cup sugar (or more to taste)
Mix together in a jug or quart liquid containter. Shake or stir to dissolve the sugar.
Add 1/2 cup cold water
1 (750 ml) bottle of good red wine (pinot noir or cotes du rhone or Sangre de Toro or shiraz)
Shake again. Serve over ice.

Mighty tasty and refreshing.

A True Delight : Barn Swallows in Norwalk


In the alley/back parking lot behind the squat run down 1950’s five shop strip “mall” that houses the best Thai food in the whole of the state of Caliornia or the U.S. or Western Hemisphere depending on the critic (quite bizzarely in Norwalk of all places); there perches, swoops, and devores flies and other opportunistic insects is a whole clan of barn swallows. Colorful, chirpy, and cheerful, they light up every hot summer in that dingy alley that they call home.
If I haven’t raved up Renu Nakorn yet, go. Drive down the 5 fwy or up it to the of what some Angelenos or Orange Countias would call the nmiddle no man’s land of SoCal between the 605 and 10 fwy… go. Go for the best Thai that will ever delight your mouth. Go in the summer to see the barn swallows perched on the back telephone lines. Go for the beef larp, the papaya salad, and the sticky rice.

Photo Friday : Ocean


Photo Friday : Ocean
Views from the Seal Beach pier at 6pm on Sat. July 17th, 2004. Even though the Fire / Sun / Summer Season has started, Catalina Island, Saddleback Mountain and the San Gabriels were to be seen in the distance through the haze, humidity, oil platforms, palm trees, container ships (over 10 awaiting berth at the LA harbor), and homes. A beautiful but too hot day.
When I was 9 and 10, I used to “borrow” quarters from my mom after she left for work and I would ride the bus to Seal Beach to go to the pier , sunbathe (yes, once I did before I discovered white skin, black clothes and red lipstick), and visit with the seals (actually, I used non-bus quarters to buy bait fish to throw to the seals). Twenty five years later, the beach and pier are still a delight, but in 2004 no parent would let their 10 year old ride the bus to the beach and there are no harbor seals left, just stingrays. Lots of rays, as they breed at Seal Beach now. What happened to the seals?

What is Jen doing home blogging on a Saturday nightt?

heee heee heee… I am not at home. I am working the door taking $ from folks wanting to enter Alex’s Bar. The regular door/$ guy, Johnny, is on vacation, and I am standing in or sitting in his place.
Here’s the best part, after much talking about it, we have a wi-fi router. Alex has been vacilitating between making it a marketing point or just letting friends know about the Wi-Fi. I am voting that we give out the authenification code with a drink to get students and other folk in here rather than going to Portfolio. ;op

$25 for unlimited internet with AT&T Wireless?

Boing Boing kindly posted and linked to this Tech News article about a new AT&T Wireless’ 3G service roll out that will have unlimited internet with your wireless service for $25.

AT&T Wireless will launch its third-generation or “3G” mobile phone service capable of transmitting e-mail, pictures, and video at high speed in four cities — San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix and Detroit, the sources told Reuters.
The company will offer the data service at a fixed all-you-can-use rate of about $25 a month to consumers and $80 a month to corporate customers, one of the sources said.
“We’re on track to deliver the 3G services before the end of the year,” AT&T Wireless spokesman Ritch Blasi told Reuters, but he declined to address the specific timing.

As I wrote in May, I wanted to use my birthday $$ to buy a Palm Treo 600 but due to my current cell provider’s (AT&T Wireless) change in plans and service mid-April I was unable to do so. After a bit of a meltdown at the AT&T store, a lot of research, and a large meltdown on a AT&T outsourced customer service person, I discovered that the current AT&T plans would not work with how I wanted to use the Treo 600 PDA/Camera phone.


But what would it taste like?

From tonight:

Archaeologists find 300-year-old wine cellar
Eight glass bottles have been unearthed in a brick-walled space that may have been the wine cellar of a house dating from the close of the 1600s in Jamestown.

The big question is if they found the corks in tact and wine in the bottles what would the wine taste like after 300 years? A few years back a bottle from the mid-1700s was opened and apparently tasted like vinegar. Yet, 1843 Ch

Compare the Malteses:

On the Left pop-up photo, we have three very Pampered Pups… three malteses with long groomed hair in a Volkswagen van as spied by me in Tustin yesterday.
On the Right pop-up photo, we have Mr. Scruffy McDoglet… a very punk rock maltese with short spiky hair that likes to dread up.
What I can’t figure out is how do pampered maltese owners keep up with their dog’s hair? I shampoo, condition (with Biolage, no less), comb out, and keep short Scruffy’s hair, to no avail. Scruffy is active, mischievious, and happy. I can’t imagine him with long fancy, Maltese hair. More like, I can’t imagine my brother Joe and I keeping up with Scruffy’s hair.
On another Pup note: Jon Katz talking about Dogs and his new book, The New Work of Dogs : Tending to Life, Love, and Family, on Fresh Air.