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She’ll be Comin’ Around the Corner when She Comes….

The Edwards House on Sat. 6/19/04 at it’s original location of 431 E. Chapman Ave, Orange.

In most communities in Southern California, when an old building is in the way of “progess” it is demolished for whatever new building will be put in it’s place, usually something ugly and in fashion with corporate architechs. Not in Old Towne Orange. In the mile square of Old Towne, there are over 1600 “National Registered Historic Buildings.” If the building in question is in the mile square surrounding the Plaza and if it is registered, no demolishing.
If you are the owner of an old Victorian, like the house I rent, or a Craftsman, you have to get permission not just from the city but also from the historical society for any repair or remodel that will touch more than one wall. Two years ago, an impoverished elderly gentleman wanted to put plastic siding on his termite infested 1870s shotgun shack, but the city and the historical society would not let him. They instead, against his wishes, raised over $70,000 to completely re-do all the exterior of this two room shack with good hard wood planks and paint it. Now his shotgun shack, that would be more at home out at the Salton Sea, looks like a million bucks or at least $70,000.

The Edwards House on the Move – Mon. 6/21/04.

Thus, when the City of Orange wanted to expand the Central Library, there was one small problem: The Edwards House. The 1921 craftsman was in the way of the proposed expansion, so the City offered the house to any seller for $1, who would pay to relocate it to an empty lot in the mile square of Old Towne. It took over 9 months and a lot of LA Times articles to convince one of the two empty lot owners in Orange to buy the house.
Tonight was moving day. On June 10th, the City sent all the residents a letter announcing and explaining the move, as well as inviting residents to an Ice Cream Social with March Band at 8pm tonight to celebrate the House Move.
After a long day of Crow’s arraignment at the Long Beach Courts with A, A, and P, and then to dinner with Mom at Walt’s Wharf, I had nearly forgotten the Big Move. Silly me. At nearly 10pm tonight, I rode my bike to go get water at Rod’s, when I saw the house in the middle of the intersection at Glassel and Almond. I immediately turned around and rode the two blocks back to my house for my camera. For the next half hour, I took pictures, investigated the scene (lots of folks milling about, post ice cream) and finally took a video as the house was towed around the corner.

At the Corner of Glassel and Almond about to turn the corner.

The best parts were watching the American Heavy Movers & Rigging guys lift one end of the house on hydraulics to move the wheels whilst the other end had its butt in the air, the SoCal Edison guys in cherry pickers lifting up the electric wires for the house to go under, and the kids at 100 S. Lemon St. riding their bmx bikes over the chaulk target marks that are to guide the movers on the empty lot to a correct deposit of the house onto the lot.
She’ll be Comin’ Around the Corner when She Comes….
She’ll be Comin’ Around the Corner when She Comes….
She’ll be Pulled by One Big White Diesel when She Comes….
She’ll be Pulled by One Big White Diesel when She Comes….
When She Comes!
I promise pictures tomorrow of her sitting on her new lot. I have an unedited AVI(49MB) movie of the Edwards House rounding the corner, please recommend a windows freeware movie compression software download, please…

2 Responses to “She’ll be Comin’ Around the Corner when She Comes….”

  1. Snaz

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  2. jen's neighbor, david

    Shit Jen, how late were you over there? I had a hockey game and didnt turn up until around 11pm. Sarah and I watched them struggle to get the damn thing up a curb before heading back home, not without checking out the now-empty lot, first. I couldnt believe how many people were out there.