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Babies at Bolsa Chica

My mom and I went for a walk at the Bolsa Chica wetlands today. Spring is definitely turning into summer as the sun was warm and the black-necked stilt babies are learning to forage for food in the shallows.
In this three set of photos, the adult stilts were keeping an eye on two chicks who were exploring the shoreline on both sides of the railroad tie.

This was the second June in a row that my mom and I have seen black-necked stilts shepherding their tiny chicks around the shallows.
On our way back to the car, we spied the below two egrets (one Great Egret and one Snowy Egret) standing in wait in the upwelling created by the tide flowing out of the pipes between the two lagoons for the schools of silver fish fry that love to swim in the churning waters. Twenty feet down the levee, I spied this young shark swimming towards the south side of the fish school. On the right, this low lying colorful marsh plant was flowering.

Ha Ha… The Joke is On Me!

So, in my last entry I wrote that many online polls have overstated questions, except… my revised question was even more overblown.
Silly Ms. Jen. I should not blog when exceptionally tired late at night. Nor should I post comments to other folks’ blogs when it is late, I am very tired, and I can’t think straight. Vlargh.

Bits delivered late on a Thursday Night

Agh. All week I have composed long, lovely blog posts in my brain whilst working on client’s websites or driving down the freeway or riding my bike in the morning, but by the time I get to the late evening when all my work is done, I am too tired to write. Now, I can’t even remember one quarter of things that I wanted to tell you. Here is what I can remember:
1) Mr. Charles, thank you ever so much for all the wonderful music.
2) What was Ronald Reagan to you? To Virginia Postrel at Dynamist, he was a central figure to her political formation. To me, he was a compatriot of my grandpa’s who as as full of hot air as my grandpa was during the 1980s. Yes, Virginia, I am one of those folk who voted “Yes. He was a vacuous ideologue and his death was not unexpected. Enough already.” As with any poll, MediaBistro overstated the choices and if I had the ability to re-word the survey, I would have voted “Yes, the meida coverage has gone overboard. A president’s death is big news, but he was 93 and the coverage should be less hagiographic. Um, Iran-Contra?”
While I am grateful for the end of the communist regimes, I can’t be grateful for the budget deficit, Iran-Contra, and the swing of the Republican Party to the right of the right under Reagan’s watch. After seeing a great deal of media coverage this last week on his life and political career, I earn for a bi-partisan (Kerry/McClain anyone?), moderate administration to replace Bush/Cheney in November.
3. Photos from the last two days:

Scruffy after his vet visit on Tuesday.

Three beatles on the bouganvilla in the sideyard.

The Long Beach sea/land skyline from Belmont Shores pier last night at dusk.

Fun Internet Black Holes, Part I

A “Fun Internet Black Hole” is a website that you trip on by following a link to another, then another, and next thing you know… it is hours later. Here are a few that have SUCKED me in recently due to the large number of links or large amount of content that can’t be ignored:
Megalithomania – Four Winds Tour of Ireland 2001 – 2004
BBC News: Scotland: “Your Pictures” Photo Gallery
The Online Medieval and Classical Library (via Making Light in a round about way)
The Day After Tomorrow – Be sure to play the animations of the ocean currents at the Woods Hole Site.
Roots Web
Craig’s List
The Tate – Will someone(s) please sponsor a trip to London for me?
Last but not least, a four year time suck… Alaska Volcanos – make sure you visit the Atlas section and look at the lovely pictures of volcanos.
Good luck in finding your way out…