Lack of Local News Frustrating

Local news is getting harder and harder to find. Not just the celebrations and defeats of the high school football teams in the area, but also news on local crime, local accomplishments, local issues, etc. The LA Times has significantly reduced their local news coverage, as the section that was “Orange County” is now “California.”
This is just not a problem of large newspapers, but also of the internet. Several times now I have sought news links to relevant breaking local news only to find out that it is not covered for days or at all online. If I eventually do find an online link or source for the news, it is usually a follow up to the original event, not a reporting of the event.
Last night a friend had a severe loss of judgement and ended up in a 4 hour police pursuit. It was reported to me less than a hour after the high speed chase started, as it was on TV. TV coverage ceased after the first hour and we got reports from the friend’s relatives. Many of us were greatly saddened and frustrated, as the friend in question had been working hard to get his life back on track.
Today, I have searched the LA Times, OC Register, Google, Ask Jeeves, all the local TV stations for a report on what happened, to no avail. How can a car chase be on TV for over an hour and not be in the paper or internet news?
Does this mean that my friend’s actions are entertainment but not news? The man I know is humble, nice, and diligent, but has a lack of ability to say no to his peers. He also grew up in the wrong neighborhood and ended up the “rock star” of a certain gang. Since he got out of Chino in April, he moved away from his neighborhood, got a job, made new friends, started listening to the Briefs, and tried to stay out of trouble.
Around the third and a half hour of the suspense last night, I found myself babbling to two other friends about Charles de Lint’s crow stories, specifically Jeck Crow. It was a complete non sequitor to my friends, but to me story explains, story redeems, story helps make sense of the broken pieces.
I think Crow must be Jeck Crow’s son. By the grace of God, I pray for mercy and justice for my broken friend. When he got out of the car, he said sorry to all the police chasing him.