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Babies at Bolsa Chica

My mom and I went for a walk at the Bolsa Chica wetlands today. Spring is definitely turning into summer as the sun was warm and the black-necked stilt babies are learning to forage for food in the shallows.
In this three set of photos, the adult stilts were keeping an eye on two chicks who were exploring the shoreline on both sides of the railroad tie.

This was the second June in a row that my mom and I have seen black-necked stilts shepherding their tiny chicks around the shallows.
On our way back to the car, we spied the below two egrets (one Great Egret and one Snowy Egret) standing in wait in the upwelling created by the tide flowing out of the pipes between the two lagoons for the schools of silver fish fry that love to swim in the churning waters. Twenty feet down the levee, I spied this young shark swimming towards the south side of the fish school. On the right, this low lying colorful marsh plant was flowering.

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  1. Roslynn P

    Cool! I just chaperoned a middle school field trip (yikes!) to the wetlands. I hadn’t been in about a year. I was pleased with their docent work. We saw a ray, but other than that, it was primarily birds — several great and snowy egrets, some skimmers, the sparrows, three brown pelicans, a number of diffeent terns. I was especially excited to see a night heron, which I hadn’t seen before. We even got to taste the pickleweed, to demonstrate its wonderful adaptive abilities to filter out salt. I can’t wait until their whole project is done in ’07! It’ll be quite an undertaking!