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Notes from a Thursday Night in Late May 2004

I have pages of notes, written on Alex’s couch yesterday noon whilst waiting for him to get moving, that I want to write here, which are the backlog of a too busy week worth of thoughts, but I am on a deadline to deliver the re-design of the CSLF site. Vlarg. When I send the link to Stan & Kevin, I will transcribe my notes here, as I want to comment on the tailend of Anil’s recent post and my resulting thoughts on design and the web design job market when I have time. Hopefully this Saturday.
Tidbits from the Western Front:
1) Wed. May 26, 2004, 11:54am. 103.1, the new “alternative rock/Independent” radio station in Los Angeles that is really owned by Clear Channel, has been *surprisingly* independent and eclectic. As I was driving to Alex’s in Long Beach and waiting for Jones’ Jukebox with the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones at noon, when 103.1 played the Clash’s “Magnificant Seven” and THEN they played Loretta Lynn’s truly magnificant new song “Portland, Oregon.” I was on the southbound ramp from the 91 to the 605 when the first pure sounds of the steel guitar came through the speakers and my jaw dropped.
The gauntlet has been thrown, KROQ… If you are as Alternative as you have claimed to be for over 25 years, do you have the balls to play Jack White’s duet with Loretta? Do ya? Or has the world gone topsy turvy when the Corpoate Whore of Clear Channel has the balls to play Loretta before Steve Jones’ show?
If you have not heard it, yet, please search Loretta Lynn’s new CD, “Van Lear Rose,” out. It is truly amazing. And so is Steve Jones’ noon radio show in a very different way, in a much more ADD-I-did-too-many-drugs way…
2) On Tuesday night, Alex, Aaron Broderick (Boston Bucky), Erik from Boston (Mission Hill, really), and I went up to LA; first for The Shocker and the Black Halos at the El Cid, and then to Cinescape for the Bronx. The delight of the evening was running into Gwynne Khan (formerly of the Pandoras and the Negro Problem) at the Shocker show. We have not seen each other in at least 18 years and had a great time catching up whilst talking to Ms. Finch.
Another plug: Alex West gave me the heads up on Shocker last year at this time and they rock. Jennifer Finch (aka Precious) has another winner of a rock band on her hands, on in her guitar, and in this band.
More on Web Design, Aesthetics, and the local Mockingbird trying to get some at 3am a bit later…