How I am using Movable Type

Here is my response to Mena’s “How are you using the tool?” post to the Six Apart Log:
I am currently using two installations of Movable Type and here is the breakdown, all blogs and installations are on my hosting account:
Installation #1: 2 blogs and 2 authors, both personal.
a) Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen – one personal blog for my interests in life, art/music/culture, nature, and the humor behind it all. One author: Ms. Jen.
b) Howdylicious! – DJ Wanda’s blog for her playlists for her volunteer college radio program at KUCI and other bits of personal miscellany. 2 authors: DJ Wanda & Ms. Jen.
Installation #2: 3 blogs, 13 authors (possibly 2 more soon), for one all volunteer, non-profit ezine –, whose google ad revenues go to partially pay for hosting fees. The 3 blogs on this website are used for the frequently updated parts so that authors don’t have to wait for me to find time to format and upload their pieces to the website. This installation participated in the MT 3.0beta testing.
a) News & Tidbits : The blog for news and other bits that the authors find interesting. 13 authors, although only about 5 of the authors are active in any given month. The 13 authors includes Ms. Jen and DJ Wanda from above.
b) Magazine & Special Features – This blog was set up during the MT 3.0 beta testing period to test how 3.0 would work as a magazine, I liked it so much I launched it. Authors: Ms. Jen, DJ Wanda, and 2 of the folk from the News & Tidbits. In the long run, I intend that all authors will post their own articles, thus the 13 – 15 authors will be using this blog.
c) Design Team Blog – This is a private blog for the design team, a sub-set 5 of the 13 authors, as we attempt to re-design the website. This may remain after the redesign is completed as a way to keep in contact with the writers and photographers.
d) Although we haven’t done it yet, once we purchase the 3.0 License, I plan to set up a photo blog. The photo blog will have a sub-set of the above authors.
Summary: 5 blogs (soon to be 6), 13 authors (plus 2 more in the future), 3 domains, 2 installations, and one hosting account. I plan, when I round up the $$, on purchasing the Movable Type 3.0 Personal Edition Volume License II plus purchasing 2 more authors.

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