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Even More Search Engine Results

As my regular readers know, every so often I like to post the “Search Engine” results from my counter on how people surfed to this site. I have not posted these in a while because there have been too many poor souls who searching for “p0rn” end up here due to my reinforcing search results by reposting them to the site. In an effort to not bum out their day with musings on life, music, birds and all things not “p0rn”, I have refrained posting the funny keywords that lead folks to BlackPhoebe.com.
Until today, that is, as a selection of today’s list made me laugh out loud. Here is the list with links (added by me) as of 11:52am this morning and following it is my commentary.
(Original List)
Last 10 queries:
1. black folks dream interpr
2. barry’s tickets costa mes
3. tooth breaking dream
4. jen punk
5. tavis smiley + boyfriends
6. ass and pussy
7. amazing bald eagle pictur
8. ms nude
10. crop+circle+orange&ei=UTF
Jen’s Commentary:
1. The idea of dream interpretation based on color or skin shade raises an eyebrow and the corners of one’s lips, or is it that the word “black” now connotes culture as well as color or skin shade?
2. Not sure how a ticket seller in Costa Mesa showed up? Is google now serving search results of their own ads on a website?
3. Yikes! Thankfully I have not had another tooth breaking dream in at least a year. Those dreams are CREEPY!
4. Yeah, so?
5. Plural? Why isn’t he sharing? Really.
6. Michel R. sent me a funny email the other day that basically said why get married, as what smart woman wants to buy the whole pig for a little sausage? It has a very funny little animated gif of a smiling snorting piglet.
7. I like bald eagles, too. I thought I had posted one of the eagle pics here, but I guess I didn’t. Sorry, searcher of photos of bald eagles.
8. Why? Why? Why? Have I ever posted anything here about “p0rn” beauty contests? NO! Just stop it. Really. Dear searcher, if you so desparately want to see someone nude, take off your clothes and look in the bathroom mirror. Simple.
9. Molly Rocks!
10. Yeah! My garden crop circles will soon be world famous!