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Even More Search Engine Results

As my regular readers know, every so often I like to post the “Search Engine” results from my counter on how people surfed to this site. I have not posted these in a while because there have been too many poor souls who searching for “p0rn” end up here due to my reinforcing search results by reposting them to the site. In an effort to not bum out their day with musings on life, music, birds and all things not “p0rn”, I have refrained posting the funny keywords that lead folks to
Until today, that is, as a selection of today’s list made me laugh out loud. Here is the list with links (added by me) as of 11:52am this morning and following it is my commentary.
(Original List)
Last 10 queries:
1. black folks dream interpr
2. barry’s tickets costa mes
3. tooth breaking dream
4. jen punk
5. tavis smiley + boyfriends
6. ass and pussy
7. amazing bald eagle pictur
8. ms nude
10. crop+circle+orange&ei=UTF
Jen’s Commentary:
1. The idea of dream interpretation based on color or skin shade raises an eyebrow and the corners of one’s lips, or is it that the word “black” now connotes culture as well as color or skin shade?
2. Not sure how a ticket seller in Costa Mesa showed up? Is google now serving search results of their own ads on a website?
3. Yikes! Thankfully I have not had another tooth breaking dream in at least a year. Those dreams are CREEPY!
4. Yeah, so?
5. Plural? Why isn’t he sharing? Really.
6. Michel R. sent me a funny email the other day that basically said why get married, as what smart woman wants to buy the whole pig for a little sausage? It has a very funny little animated gif of a smiling snorting piglet.
7. I like bald eagles, too. I thought I had posted one of the eagle pics here, but I guess I didn’t. Sorry, searcher of photos of bald eagles.
8. Why? Why? Why? Have I ever posted anything here about “p0rn” beauty contests? NO! Just stop it. Really. Dear searcher, if you so desparately want to see someone nude, take off your clothes and look in the bathroom mirror. Simple.
9. Molly Rocks!
10. Yeah! My garden crop circles will soon be world famous!

Notes from a Thursday Night in Late May 2004

I have pages of notes, written on Alex’s couch yesterday noon whilst waiting for him to get moving, that I want to write here, which are the backlog of a too busy week worth of thoughts, but I am on a deadline to deliver the re-design of the CSLF site. Vlarg. When I send the link to Stan & Kevin, I will transcribe my notes here, as I want to comment on the tailend of Anil’s recent post and my resulting thoughts on design and the web design job market when I have time. Hopefully this Saturday.
Tidbits from the Western Front:
1) Wed. May 26, 2004, 11:54am. 103.1, the new “alternative rock/Independent” radio station in Los Angeles that is really owned by Clear Channel, has been *surprisingly* independent and eclectic. As I was driving to Alex’s in Long Beach and waiting for Jones’ Jukebox with the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones at noon, when 103.1 played the Clash’s “Magnificant Seven” and THEN they played Loretta Lynn’s truly magnificant new song “Portland, Oregon.” I was on the southbound ramp from the 91 to the 605 when the first pure sounds of the steel guitar came through the speakers and my jaw dropped.
The gauntlet has been thrown, KROQ… If you are as Alternative as you have claimed to be for over 25 years, do you have the balls to play Jack White’s duet with Loretta? Do ya? Or has the world gone topsy turvy when the Corpoate Whore of Clear Channel has the balls to play Loretta before Steve Jones’ show?
If you have not heard it, yet, please search Loretta Lynn’s new CD, “Van Lear Rose,” out. It is truly amazing. And so is Steve Jones’ noon radio show in a very different way, in a much more ADD-I-did-too-many-drugs way…
2) On Tuesday night, Alex, Aaron Broderick (Boston Bucky), Erik from Boston (Mission Hill, really), and I went up to LA; first for The Shocker and the Black Halos at the El Cid, and then to Cinescape for the Bronx. The delight of the evening was running into Gwynne Khan (formerly of the Pandoras and the Negro Problem) at the Shocker show. We have not seen each other in at least 18 years and had a great time catching up whilst talking to Ms. Finch.
Another plug: Alex West gave me the heads up on Shocker last year at this time and they rock. Jennifer Finch (aka Precious) has another winner of a rock band on her hands, on in her guitar, and in this band.
More on Web Design, Aesthetics, and the local Mockingbird trying to get some at 3am a bit later…

Make An Insensate Ass Out Of Yourself For My Camera?

Razorcake columnist Jim Ruland made my week when the Number 20 issue of Razorcake arrived in my PO Box on Saturday and I flipped the magazine open to his “Lazy Mick” column.
In his article on Punk Rock Bowling, entitled “Lazy Mick: The Object Here Is To Win Trophies, Not Look Like A Pussy,” Jim writes on page two, column two:


This is a tough one, and it’s not for everyone. (Team Tiltwheel members can skip to section marked “Cocaine”.) If you’re still reading this, and you haven’t broken out in a cold sweat, then chances are at some point in your life you were that guy at the Punk Rock Bowling Tournament. Why? Because not only will your name live long in the lore of PRBT but chances are, your insensate ass is going to end up in the photo gallery on the website.

As the photographer, web designer, and general work horse behind the Annual Punk Rock Bowling Essay, I must say that the more insensate my subject is the more entertaining the photo can turn out to be. Can is the conditional modifier here. I do ask the subject if I can take the photo and there are photos that do get left out…

Photo Friday : Macro


Photo Friday : Macro
Last thursday evening was the Chapman University Law School awards banquet and my sister, who graduated with her J.D. on Saturday morning, invited my mom and I to attend. It was the best dinner of its type that I have ever attended, as the food was excellent, the company good, and the speeches were short. Even though, I started fooling around and taking pictures during the last of the speeches….

How I am using Movable Type

Here is my response to Mena’s “How are you using the tool?” post to the Six Apart Log:
I am currently using two installations of Movable Type and here is the breakdown, all blogs and installations are on my hosting account:
Installation #1: 2 blogs and 2 authors, both personal.
a) Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen – one personal blog for my interests in life, art/music/culture, nature, and the humor behind it all. One author: Ms. Jen.
b) Howdylicious! – DJ Wanda’s blog for her playlists for her volunteer college radio program at KUCI and other bits of personal miscellany. 2 authors: DJ Wanda & Ms. Jen.
Installation #2: 3 blogs, 13 authors (possibly 2 more soon), for one all volunteer, non-profit ezine –, whose google ad revenues go to partially pay for hosting fees. The 3 blogs on this website are used for the frequently updated parts so that authors don’t have to wait for me to find time to format and upload their pieces to the website. This installation participated in the MT 3.0beta testing.
a) News & Tidbits : The blog for news and other bits that the authors find interesting. 13 authors, although only about 5 of the authors are active in any given month. The 13 authors includes Ms. Jen and DJ Wanda from above.
b) Magazine & Special Features – This blog was set up during the MT 3.0 beta testing period to test how 3.0 would work as a magazine, I liked it so much I launched it. Authors: Ms. Jen, DJ Wanda, and 2 of the folk from the News & Tidbits. In the long run, I intend that all authors will post their own articles, thus the 13 – 15 authors will be using this blog.
c) Design Team Blog – This is a private blog for the design team, a sub-set 5 of the 13 authors, as we attempt to re-design the website. This may remain after the redesign is completed as a way to keep in contact with the writers and photographers.
d) Although we haven’t done it yet, once we purchase the 3.0 License, I plan to set up a photo blog. The photo blog will have a sub-set of the above authors.
Summary: 5 blogs (soon to be 6), 13 authors (plus 2 more in the future), 3 domains, 2 installations, and one hosting account. I plan, when I round up the $$, on purchasing the Movable Type 3.0 Personal Edition Volume License II plus purchasing 2 more authors.



This morning I drove over to the “cheap” gas at Arco ($2.31/gallon), when I very large white helicoptor with a blue stripe started hovering half a block away. I had my new camera on me and debated if I should drive a bit south on Tustin Ave to take photos, knowing if I did that I would officially slip into the blogger-journalist black hole never to return to normalacy.
I made a left and saw that the helcoptor had extended a large cable down to whatever it was hovering over. At the La Veta/dry wash bridge, I saw that the helicopter was going to lift a very large, white cube (photo above), then my light turned. By the time I u-turned around to get back to photo position the helicopter was transporting the cube into the backyard of the local convalescent/rehab center.
Odd. How did it get in the dry wash? Note small compact car the same size as the cube. Could they not have had a truck take it down the driveway of the rehab center or did local teenagers spirit the large piece of equipment into the dry wash last night as a one-up on toilet papering the trees?

The Prophets Spoken: Where is Honor? Responsibility?

From Better Angels of Our Nature on Honor (Via Making Light):

There is no honor.
I saw Don Rumsfeld’s testimony today, and there is no honor. Certainly, the other men present at the witness table did not acquit themselves well, but in the end, it comes down to Rumsfeld and the President. And there is no honor.
“Who was in charge? What was the chain of command?” Simple questions, these. Asked by John McCain, an honorable man. Simple questions, deserving of a simple answer. But the simple answer never made it past the lips of the Secretary. There were evasions and dodges, a dance of deceit, if you will.
No one was in charge, it seems–because that way, the only people who suffer punishment are the sergeants and privates in the photographs and videos. And as for the chain of command, well…uh…well, that was left behind somewhere in the recesses of the Pentagon. And there is no honor in that.

From Sunday’s LA Times Editorial, Our King George Faces a Reckoning, Jack Miles notes after evoking Shakespeare and Henry V:

Who is responsible for America’s abuse of Iraq’s prisoners of war? Is it our king, George W. Bush? Is it one of his ministers, perhaps Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld? Or are the individual knights and pawns responsible for their own actions? Shakespeare would answer, I think, that, though the responsibility is shared, the greater portion of it rests with the president, who sent these men and women into an unnecessary war.
Soldiers want to believe in the justice of their cause and of their commander. How can they want otherwise? But read the transcript of Rumsfeld’s Q&A with the troops in Iraq. Read the Army Times editorial of May 17: “This was not just a failure of leadership at the local command level. This was a failure that ran straight to the top.”
There are more Williamses, at this point, than Bateses in American uniform.
“Is it possible it won’t work?” Rumsfeld asked rhetorically at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing. “Yes,” he answered. And yes is the all-too-evident answer. The ignored warnings of friends such as Norman Schwarzkopf and allies such as Hosni Mubarak were right. America is losing the war. And for the king, the heavy reckoning is about to begin.