SXSW Day 2 – Evening Dispatch

Lamp at the Red Eye Fly, Austin
Lamp at the Red Eye Fly, Austin

Notes from the day and evening of Sunday, March 14 – Day 2 of SXSW.

* Viriginia Postrel’s presentation made more sense than the first two chapters of her book. Listening to her speak encouraged me to take the book back up again.
* MoveOn.Org keynote was very encouraging and inspiring. Molly Ivins introduced Eli Parsier and Zack Exley. All three were very funny, intelligent, and it was a good hour spent. Eli and Zach are interested in grassroots, social action and how it can mass to making political change.
* Rebecca Blood was unable to make it to SXSW and as I sat in the Wiki panel she was supposed to moderate I went to her site to find out why she did not come to SXSW, I found this informative list for writers and bloggers.
Photo left: Moblog Nation panel brought new insights on the potential and dangers of mobile devices / cell phones that connect to the internet and/or take photos that one can post to a weblog or web site.
* The SXSW 2004 Web Awards were held in a big beautiful ballroom in the new Downtown Hilton. John Halcyon Styn presented for the 4th year, and for the 3 years that I have attended, his style and sense of humor makes sitting with no dinner in your belly worth it. Thank you John, and a big thanks to all the marvelous sites that won and made it to the finals. Photo to the left is the nice young men of Ruder Finn who designed Mr. Picassohead
Ms. Jen and Brothers Styn
Ms. Jen and Brothers Styn at the Red Eye Fly for Fray Cafe

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