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SXSW Day 1 – Evening Dispatch

Car Fire on West 3rd St., Austin Galvanized Lamp The lovely ladies of Boom Chica Boom

News and Notes from the afternoon and evening of Day 1 at SXSW Interactive:
1) Jeffrey Veen is very tall.
2) There were lots of very tall (over 6′ 4″) at the SXSW Interactive Opening Party at Frog Design. I want to know what water they were drinking as a child…
3) Boom Chica Boom – 2 lovely Austin ladies who are freelance Go Go Dancers.
4) Monsieur Du Rock – the band that Boom Chica Boom dances to… just ok art rock.
5) Frog knows how to throw a kick ass party. In 2001 they had a Long Horn Steer outside that you could get your picture with, this year they had casino gambling. Long live Frog Design.
6) New Mexico raises lots of nice and lovely young men.
7) Too many Accessibility panels, not enough Design, Future of Design, Backend, Where are we going next with Web Design panels.
8) What happened to the Digital Art? At SXSW Interactive 2001, they had a lovely digital art show and panels on digital art. Bring on the artists and the art. Bring on the musicians. Get the creative folk ….
9) Car fires can happen just about anywhere, even on the corner or 3rd and Colorad streets in Austin at 11pm at night.