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Wanted Dead or Alive :: Bird Killing Neighborhood Cat


The neighborhood mourning doves are very sweet, trusting, and rather tame ground birds. Molly, the behind the yard neighbor cat, is none of those things.
The local mourning doves like the leftover seeds that fall to the ground below the feeder after the local finches have selected their favorite morsels out of the feeder.
My beef against Molly is illustrated above. Photo taken today at 4:03pm minutes after I noticed that all was quiet in the backyard and looked out the window to investigate.
The next door neighbor’s beef against Molly is that her owners have not spayed her nor do they keep her indoors.
It is time for the Cats Indoors movement to pick up speed, before the HydroRepulsion&#153 movement lands me in jail…

The Brave New World from Access Code #5647

On Tuesday, I voted in the California Primary with the “eSlate” Voting Machine. Can we say counter-intuitive?
Rather than having a key pad or a touch pad or a mouse or a pen, the voting machine had a dial. Hello! Dials went out of fashion in the mid-1970s with the touch tone phone!
I found the machine very frustrating. I tried to use the screen as a touch pad to start with but soon realized that the makers of the “eSlate” machine did not design with the most common computer usage in mind but some odd left to right – up to down by using the dial method. The buttons were also frustrating.
For over 20 years we have been using an “enter” key and a mouse or touch pad at the ATM, at the supermarket, on our computers, etc. Why can’t the voting machine be similiar. New technologies have the shortest learning curve and less errror when they use standard designs rather than designs that were phased out over 20 years ago.
Bah Humbug. And where was my printout???

Notes from a Wet Stormy Monday

The California State Flag

1) Yesterday I paid the highest price for a gallon of gas in all my years of driving – $2.17 and 9/10ths. $2.18! Time to get a Hybrid car
2) Tomorrow is the California Primary, get out and vote!
3) Inquiring minds would like to know why California’s state animal is the grizzly bear and Michigan’s is the wolverine even though both animals are extinct or exceptionally rare in both states? Why not have a common animal as the State Mascot? Here in California we could have feral house cats, opposums, coyotes, stripper chicks with badly done brown lipliner, etc…