Day 4 Dispatch

Today was the last day of SXSW Interactive and transitioned into music-world by evening.
*At breakfast at the hotel, I had a nice chat with Kristin, Leonard, and James McNally. Fun, bright people.
* Bruce Sterling and his “Rant” panel was funny and all over the place in the best sort of way. He started the session by inviting the audience to his annual Tuesday night house party. I recommend Heath’s transcription of the talk, as I did not take notes but did client work as I sat in the session.
* After Bruce Sterling’s talk/rant, I went for a sweep of the “if!” Trade Show and then to lunch.
* After lunch it was time for the Jonathan Abrams’ Keynote speech. Mr. Abrams is the founder of Friendster and he spoke on why he started it, what they hope for the site to do, how they plan to make money (advertising) and dispelled rumors (no, they won’t be charging the users). The best part was he gave away Friendster condoms at the end of the session.
I have social networking fatigue and would rather not have to go to Friendster or My Space or to have an online representation of my social network, so I spent the time while listening to this session making my links and blog roll XFN compliant on here Black Phoebe : Ms Jen and over at the News and Tidbits.
* For the very last panel of SXSW Interactive 2004, I attended Wireless and Grassroots with Cory Doctorow, Joi Ito, and Dan Gillmor. As I had hoped it was a good discussion on all the favorite whipping boys of each panelist without touching the topic at hand! Go, Cory and Dan, go! I did learn that I can get an unlocked with SIM card new Treo 600 on eBay for less than $450…
*After Interactive was all over, goodbyes said, tons of crap dropped off at the hotel room, I met up with Heidi Richman to start the Music whirl a day early. Heidi and I went to the BMI bbq at Stubbs where The Green Cards were delighting the ears of the party attendees.
* Next up was the Guerrila Monster film Broad Daylight premier at Elysium, as well as the It’s a Chick Productions film premier of The Velvet Hammer Burlesque and burlesque girl performances.