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Jumping two-footed into hope

“Jumping two-footed into hope” – Now, that’s a quote. The story of my life and a good reminder of how to act in the future.
Real Live Preacher is back:

I will never know exactly what Jesus said, how he said whatever he did say, or what he meant when he said whatever he said in whatever way he said it.
You see my problem.
What I have are the tattered words, songs, and gospel remnants from twenty centuries of people jumping two-footed into hope. That

Happy Valentine’s Day

The Up Escalator at the Sam’s Town Bowling Lanes, PRB 2004

Happy Valentine’s Day.
The 4th Annual photo coverage of the 6th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament is half way completed. Look for the photo essay to be launched at the later tonight or early tomorrow morning….

For Birders With A Sense Of Humor

I would like to recommend The Royal Tit-Watching (Ornithological) Society of Britain website, as it is a great example of how the Brits are much better at wittily making fun of themselves and their nerdy hobbies.
Do check out the Shop for Tits store. I wear a “large” in the Classic Girl line, feel free to get me the Nice Tits tank top or the Great Tits girlie T. ;oD
Now I am inspired to figure out a fun t-shirt design featuring Black Phoebes….

Updates from the Animal Kingdom

Photo by Mark Crossee – Fresno Bee

1) Adolescent male California sea lion lives out fantasy of many teenagers by running away from home and basking in the sun on the trunk of a CHP cruiser whilst officers stand back in amazement…. Apparently the sea loin, found on a farm road outside of Los Banos in the Central Valley, over 60 miles from the ocean, had a bullet in his head.
2) Greedy Little Bastards – Last Thursday, while rounding up supplies for the Vegas trip, I bought some new bird seed at Target. I filled up the backyard tube feeder and thought, “This ought to hold them over for a week or two.” When I returned on Monday, there was not a single black oil sunflower seed left in the feeder nor on the ground. The attack of the ravenous house finch and american goldfinch hordes….
3) My teaser photo essay on Punk Rock Bowling 2004: Boys Gone Wild – Vegas Style can be found over at the blog

And… We’re Off!

Bob MacPherson and Ms. Jen, PRB 2003

The minivan is rented, I have all my bags packed, within the hour Julie, Tink, and Alex will have arrived, we will pack ourselves in the minivan, and we will be off to DIY Punk Rock Bowling 2004!

Arm Length Makes All the Difference

Brandise, Jen, and Shawn (photo by Brandise)

Early in January, I wrote on my love for taking group self-portraits and how due to being a petite adult the photos would usually be slightly out of focus or a bit too close up.
On Monday night, Mr. A and I went up to Zen Sushi in Silverlake to see Punk Rock Karaoke. My friend Brandise wanted to take a group self-portrait of herself, myself, and Shawn’s self, with her camera sometime early in the night’s proceedings. Due to her being a tall lady the above self-group portrait turned out to be in focus and at a good distance.
I need arm extensions.