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Notes from a Sunday Afternoon

1) Ralph Nader – Please, Just say no. J.D. Lasica sums it up best:

“This man has neither conscience nor shame.”

2) Bless them. Scientists at the University of Minnesota have developed a way to produce a renewable source of Hydrogen for fuel cells that is not based in oil/fosil fuels but in corn derived ethanol. Farmers of America will be happy:

“Researchers say they have produced hydrogen from ethanol in a prototype reactor small enough and efficient enough to heat small homes and power cars.
The development could help open the way for cleaner-burning technology at home and on the road.
Current methods of producing hydrogen from ethanol require large refineries and copious amounts of fossil fuels, the University of Minnesota researchers said. “

3) Lots of lovely, happy rain the last few days. More to come. Orange County is still 6 inches below the normal rainfall.
4) SXSW here I come. I have paid for my Interactive and Music badges, I have the $$ for 8 days of hotel room, now I just need to save $$ for food & misc. whilst in Austin. Yeah!
5) I have decided that I will be upping the speed on my job search, while I love my freelance clients, I am going bonkers at home with just my computer. I would like to get a full-time web design or web master job at a real, live company. If you know of any positions in the LA/OC area, please let me know. Thanks!