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A New Twist to Virus Emails

By now we are all familiar with the “hello,” “server report,” and “thank you” email subject lines in emails that contain the latest virus worm.
Today, I received a new twist in three separate spam virus emails – insulting me to get me to open the “story.zip” file that contains the worm virus.
The subject line says something like “Your Story”, “I though you would want to know” etc. The Body text says something to the effect of “Bad writing”, “You could do much better”, “Your plot is thin”…. Basically the virus spammer is attempting to insult a writer into opening the zip file containing the virus.
I am sorry I didn’t save the emails to give you the exact subject lines or body text being used, but they were all sent from actual entertainment companies. If I get more, I will report exactly what is said.
People creating and sending the viruses are getting more sophisticated in their use of tricks to get folks to activate the viruses.
Practice Safe Computing: use a firewall, a good updated anti-virus software, and don’t open any attachments that you are not expecting. If an suspect attachment comes, delete the email. You can always ask your real friend to send again if it is legitimate.

One Response to “A New Twist to Virus Emails”

  1. btezra

    ~Norton Internet Security is a damn fine product…it’s overwhelming to receive alerts when some f*ck is attempting to hack into your PC…~