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Small Break : Captain Timmy

Left to Right: Drunk Guy leaning over the bar, Timmy a bit behind the drunk, and the rest of the crowd.

I would like to take a small break from the usual proceedings to point out how a small, cute, mischievous photographer can get hounded by a drunk whilst practicing her craft. This is much the same phenomenon as trying to write or draw when a stranger comes up and demands to read/see what you have been up to and takes the pad of paper away from you, all the while you are protesting vociferiously.
So…. Last Saturday night, Jan. 17, 2004, the Guana Batz played the Doll Hut, and my pal Stacey actually had the night off and could come out and play. Miracle of God or at least a miracle of good scheduling on Stacey’s part.
Stacey and her boyfriend Timmy ended up on the other side of the bar from me during the Guana Batz. Timmy came up to get some drinks and I snapped a picture of him when the trouble started.
Timmy is the strong, creative, silent type. I enjoy taking photos of him as he is mostly co-operative, well dressed, photogenic, and is willing to flip me off on a semi-regular basis when I try to take his photo.
At this particular event, Timmy was open to his photo being taken from the bar side of the Doll Hut, but the Drunk Guy sitting at the bar decided to lear at the photo. The Drunk Guy then proceeded to yell over the very loud band trying to tell me SOMETHING. I had my earplugs in. Timmy got his drinks and went back to his spot with Stacey to watch the band.
After the Guana Batz were over, the Drunk hunted me down and demanded to see his picture. I told him that it was not a picture of him but of my friend Timmy. The Drunk demanded to see his picture. When I would not show it, he wanted me to take another, of which I would not. Then the drunk wanted me to erase the photo I had taken, I would not. It devolved from there. The Drunk did not want to be ignored.
I like the photo.