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The Count Down to Punk Rock Bowling, 17 Days to Go

ReyRey and Damian, PRB 2001

There are seventeen, yep seventeen, measly little days until we pack up the Momasaurus Ford Escape and drive north on the Interstate 15 to Lost Wages for Punk Rock Bowling!
The Bad News Bowlers and the One Pin Team have been diligently practicing every week for a couple of months now and we are EXCITED!
In the Countdown to Departure, I will be posting pictures from various years past as a “Best of Bowling” memories.


The SXSW Interactive website has a nice feature called “random website”, of which you can click on the link and get a random website that has been entered into the 2004 Web Awards Contest.
This is very entertaining. Rather than work in the half hour before I go bowling tonight, I decided that it would be more fun to see how many of the web award entries I could view in 30 or so minutes.
In years past, there has been a “People’s Choice” feature, where we the viewer/audience could vote for our favortie site of all the candidates, but I can’t find People’s Choice voting on the website this year. While there is a lot of very beautiful and a lot of run of the mill sites, for over all entertainment and content, I am going to vote here for “Turtle TV!”
Ok. I’ll admit it. I am a sucker for anything involving turtles or tortoises…

10 Years Ago Today

10 Years Ago Today….
At 1:18am or thereabouts, I made a funny joke about a certain huge rock star in his presence at a small club in Hollywood. Well, he was wearing awful pants with a baseball jersey. I was young, moderately full of myself, and well, it was funny….
At 3:26am or thereabouts, the whole world started to move. I aroused all my roommates and made them get into their doorways. One ran to the bathroom thinking she had to throw up, it took her 15 seconds to realize it was the earth, not her stomach.
30 seconds later, the rolling, heaving, and profundo bass roar subsided.
For the next 15 minutes, we watched the apartment complex pool continue to loose two-thirds of its water from residual waves.
For the next 2 hours, roommates’ relatives called from out of state to make sure everyone was safe. My family, 4-5 geneations of Californians, went straight back to bed and did not call anyone.
Only one thing fell in the whole apartment and it fell on thick carpet. My trick of using cushy shelf paper and turning all glasses upside down worked.
But… we lived in Fullerton, on bedrock of the Sunny Hills.
For all the folks who lived in the Valley on alluvial soils and river sand…. Here’s to you, 10 years later.

The Bizarre World of Search Engine Results

Once again, I give you the bizarre results of search engine queries. It never ceases to amuse me how people are looking for p0rn and find this site…
Last 10 queries:
1. nude black honey
2. wonderbread in az
3. black men nude shower
4. orange county “photo boot
5. ms black nude
6. lice dream interpretation
7. cover “anti-flag” “terror
8. Ms. Nude world 2003
9. Black Phoebe
10. Ms. world nude 2003 pics.
Maybe it is my fault for continuing to publish the search engine queries, and then when folks are looking for Ms. … or Mr. …. it is only reconfirmed by the text in posts like this one.
Hey folks who like p0rn: I hope you like this site, even if the only lascivious item is the rear of a Yellow-Rumped Warbler…
Finally, what is up with the wonderbread? in az? Would that be Arizona? Don’t supermarkets in Arizona carry Wonderbread? What is wrong with the world?

Late Afternoon in the Park

Black Phoebe The Duck Pond Heron
Butter Butt - Yellow Rumped Warbler Wood Ducks Ponies May Bite
Raven on a stick... Peaccok Woodpeckers

The bird and pony pictures are from Erika and I’s circumferential walk around Irivine Regional Park this afternoon, taken with my Sony Mavica. The sky was overcast when we left the house and then the sun started to peep through, as it peeped it cast a lovely, golden filtered light.
Top Row (l to r): Black Phoebe in the distance; One white Puddle Duck, two mallards, and their speckled offspring; a Heron.
Middle Row: Butter Butt!; Wood Ducks; Ponies waiting for small children.
Bottom Row: Raven on a stick; Peacock amongst the oak trees; Woodpeckers congregating.