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Big Excitement in Orange or the Swat Team camped out in front of Julie’s house…

Dec. 2, 2003 - Anaheim Police
Police Blockade on West Sycamore St., Orange

At 4:30pm this afternoon, I turned off my computer, got in the bouncing middle aged Honda, and drove north up Glassell to go to Trader Joe’s for spinach dip and cheese for Book Club this evening. I was not a block away from my house when I saw 2 helicopoters in the sky just above me. They were just hovering, not searching, but hovering.
I live near the Orange Crush, the conjunction of the 5, 22, and 57 freeways, and as a result, at rush hour traffic times there can be a helicopter in the sky to the west over the freeways. These helicopters were directly over Chapman University. I told myself that maybe someone famous was at the University and thus the helicopters, but they were dark blue with no markings or logos.
On the way back from Trader Joe’s, they were still in the sky, and thrumming loudly. For the next hour, the sound of helicopters was loud. I did a google search to see what was up, to no avail.
At 6:42pm, I got in my car to go to Julie’s to pick her up to drive to Meg’s, when I flipped on KFWB for the news. Maybe they would tell me what was going on. And they did. Julie’s exit from the 57 was closed off and the announcer reported that her whole neighborhood was blockaded due to a murder investigation. The 24 person SWAT team had set up their command center at Eckhoff and Sycamore, where the suspects had ditched their cars.
Julie’s house is the corner house at Eckhoff & Sycamore. I called Julie on her cell and asked if she had been listening to the news, she had as she could not get off the freeway at her exit. She was unable to even get to her neighborhood and we met up at my house. Julie and I decided to proceed to Book Club, as there would be no going home for her for a number of hours.