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More Search Results

The ways that folks find this blog via search engines never ceases to amaze and amuse me. These are the search engine keywords that folks entered today. How Ms. Nude keeps coming up is beyond me, maybe because I keep talking about it as a funny search keyword set…. ;o)
Last 10 queries:
1. birthday party pics 2003
2. ms nude
3. gamecock pinata
4. Black Phoebe
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6. 7408F61AC075F4F35CCDC4537
7. thumbnails of ballet clas
8. mr & ms nude 2003
9. stories about “The Harp
10. Black phoebe

What is a Weblog?

In the last few days, several of the A-list bloggers have posted articles, presentations, or definitions of webblogging on their sites or conference sites. Both Julie and I have discovered, for all the hoopla, that most folks out there still have not heard of blogs or don’t understand what they are.
Most of my experience of baffled folk has been in my UCLA extension creative writing classes and Julie’s has been in her class of college freshman who are not in the know. We have been surprised at this given what a great venue / medium blogging is for writers how many of them are opposed to writing online and given the perception that every 18 year old has a confession-spew blog how many young tech savvy folk don’t know what a blog is.
If you are new to blogging or tripped on this site via google or would like to enter into the dialogue / conversation, go and visit
Xeni Jardin’s, Gothamist’s, and Megnut’s for a few working definitions.


Why I live at the P.O.


While I have not moved to the local Post Office out of petulance and a crazy family, I do enjoy my daily visit to the local Post Office to peer into my mailbox and then go to get the LA Times. This routine gets me out of the house, gets me on my bicycle, and gets a wee bit of interaction with humans rather than my computer.
Today, I had a parcel notice in my P.O. Box and stood in line to pick up my package. As Post Office clerk brought out a small priority mail box, he was smirking. In a loud voice, he asked me, “What is Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash?” All the folks in line to mail Christmas packages just looked at me. I laughed!
Wahooo! My order from View Askew has arrived. For two years I have been threatening to order this particular item, and I have. I ordered it less than a week ago and the folks at Secret Stash have delivered.

I Un-Heart Xanga

There are many different companies and online services offering weblogging to people for a low charge or for free. Of the charge services, I have heard great things about Typepad and good things about Upsaid. Of the free programs or services, I use Movable Type (MT requires your own domain, server space, and patience to install) and have used Blogger (hosted for free by Pyra Labs/Google).
I know several bloggers who use the free online service of Xanga. I un-heart Xanga. My biggest complaint as a reader of Xanga blogs is that Xanga will not allow the reader to comment without being a registered user. Lame. This is not apart of the wonderful open source spirit of MT or others, but a proprietary grab for a database of all readers of the system. Nor does this foster the dialogue and community that a well-built comment structure can for a blog.
Lucky’s, April’s, and Cezman’s – I have comments for you, some now long forgotten, but I refuse to allow Xanga to suck me into their database and become a “user” before I can comment. I am not dissing y’all for using Xanga, but am just frustrated that I can’t participate in your blog without being in the Xanga database. It will not allow me to put in my name, email, and URL before I make the comment, as with most other blogging software, but instead it insists that I sign up for the service and database. Vrrrr….
Lucky – You rock. Always.
April – Keep it up, girl.
Cezman – Good luck in February. Persevere.
As always, feel free to comment here – use your real email address if you want me to have a way to email you, or don’t if you don’t want a spam bot to find you. I don’t keep a database and I can always return your comment with a comment.

Bookclub and Gill Kitty

Meg's Living Room

Last night was the 20th meeting of our Bookclub at Meg’s house. Meg and Murray have been in their apartment for just over two years and they have made a very beautiful home. The excellent wall color choice for each room and art hung on the walls and sculptural pieces in the rooms has the cummulative effect of rich and restful. The best part is that Meg and Murray are frequently re-arranging furniture, thus each visit has a new surprise.
The best new surprise of last night was Gilbert the Beta Kitty. Gill is three months old and a love bug. I am allergic to cats, but I made fast friends with Gill.

sm120203gilkitty.jpg sm120203gilljulie.jpg sm120203meggil.jpg