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Notes for the Weekend

1) I have decided that 2003 has been the year that Ms. Jen walk(ed)s down the path through Mirkwood. I am VERY much looking forward to getting out on the other side and seeing the proverbial daylight. I have been sincerely praying that 2004 will be a much better year.
2) If you are the praying sort, please do send a prayer or two or three up for my Grandma Grace. She passed out last Sunday morning while making coffee in her kitchen and has been in the hospital ever since. After a battery of tests, the doctors have ruled out heart problems or stroke, but can’t place a finger on the source of her dizziness and inability to walk. They think it may be her previous flu that caused an inner ear infection last summer combined with the new flu. Please pray for her full recovery.
3) Of the two Adolescents shows this weekend at Alex’s Bar, Friday night was the best overall band show and Sat. was the best actual Adolescents’ show. Photos to come later this week.
4) Today has been a day of big news and lots of blog commentary, Veiled4Allah hits the nail on the head in two sentences.

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