Merry Christmas, In Your Name, and Other Notes From Christmas Eve…

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. I know that I am ready to toss 2003 out the window. I have asked God for a blessing in 2004. Specifically, a delightful and delicious man… ;oD
And to all who are not celebrators of Christmas… Happy Hannukah! Happy Solistice! Happy Festivus! Happy Kawanza! And all other applicable December Hols….
While many bloggers strive to write a post everyday, some days I have a post every day or even multiple posts, but other days I am blocked for blog posts. I write in clumps. Usually, my inspriration comes to me when I am driving on the freeway. Unfortunately, Sugar Plum, the 1993 Honda Civic, does not come with an on board Wi-Fi computer that I can blog from. Maybe I need to get a Treo 600 now that my Palm III is slowly dying a sure death, then I can blog from the road, rather than come home hours later and not remember a thing. Anyone got an extra $499?

  1. I would like to recommend Real Live Preacher’sThe Christmas Story” as a refreshing telling of the original Christmas story.
  2. Good News:
    The native endangered Steelhead Trout are making in roads into South Orange County for the first time in forty some odd years… Wahoo! You don’t have to have fake tits, be fake blonde and drive an SUV to live in south OC, one can be a salt water/fresh water fish, live in a stream beleagured by mankind and still make a go of it on no dollars a day… Now only if the trout will re-conquer the lower Santa Ana River.
    Check out Trout Unlimited California on how you can help to re-establish our water ways and native trout.
    The San Mateo Creek, Orange County restoration project.
  3. An activism group I can get behind: Cats Indoors!
    The LA Times reported on Tuesday in an article entitled, “Killer Among Us,” what many wild bird fans have known for years and what most cat owners don’t know – outdoor domestic cats are killing a least one quarter to one half of all wild birds, causing whole species to struggle. Indoor cats live quite a bit longer than outdoor cats. And you will improve your relations with your neighbors who have to shovel cat shit (I clear at least 7 cat shit piles a week from my garden)…
    Be nice to your kitty, your neighbors, and the local birds by bringing your kitty inside. From the LA Times article:

    There’s a killer on the loose, stalking victims out of public sight and mind. Operating under the guise of the garden-variety house cat, this predator is responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of birds every year. So many birds are being killed by cats and collisions with urban America that fully a quarter of the winged species are in decline, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service…
    But house cats are the slaughter machines. One study concluded that free-ranging cats kill at least 7.8 million birds each year in rural Wisconsin alone. And that excludes urban areas. Another study in Michigan concluded that a single pet cat killed at least 60 birds in an 18-month period.

  4. The Parker 425 is the same weekend as 6th Annual DIY Bowling Tournament. Crap. While I love my brother and would like to support his off-road racing adventures, I can’t be in Lost Wages and Parker, AZ at the same time. Given that I have already paid for bowling, the hotel, have a deposit on my dress, and I have much flirting to do with cute punk rock men, I will be in Lost Wages from Feb. 6-9, 2004.
  5. The new (Oct. 2003) Anti-Flag CD, “The Terror State“, kicks serious boot-ay. It is the band’s most musically diverse and listenable effort to date, as well as packing a leftist lyrical punch. It is their best CD since “Die for the Government.” Forget Justin Timberlake, OutKast, or Blink-182 for your holiday gift giving to your 13 year old cousin, get them Anti-Flag – political punk rock at its 2003 best.
  6. Is it just me or is any one else bugged by getting holiday greeting cards with little inserts that say “We have made a generous donation to the _________ (insert name of popular charity here) in your name in lieu of a present for this holiday…” ???
    If someone would rather send money to a charity rather than buy another silly gift for their friends or family – lovely, just don’t announce it to me. Self-aggrandisement anyone? What happened to quiet, thoughtful, your right hand doesn’t know what your left hand is up to charity giving? Just give, send me a card, don’t tell me about it.

  7. Contribute with your eyes and typing fingers: The Audubon Christmas Bird Count

May you have much laughter, love, and joy in the next week.

One thought on “Merry Christmas, In Your Name, and Other Notes From Christmas Eve…

  1. Hello Ms. Hanen.
    Long time no chat.
    I would love the catch up.
    If anyone should have
    a delightful and delicious
    man its you. 🙂
    Seems like you have
    been busy.
    Call or email me.
    work# is 303.830.8323.
    I’ m unfamiliar with blogs
    so everyone is reading this
    please point me in the right direction.

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