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Warblers vs. Black Phoebe in the Backyard

House Finch and Mockingbird
Resident House Finch Male and Mockingbird at the top of the frontyard Elm

Late this afternoon, I was pulling up all the dead flowers from the driveway side garden, when I heard and saw a large mixed flock of warblers and bushtits mobbing the backyard elm, next door larch tree, and driveway ficus tree. At first, I thought it was just bushtits, but there were flashes of yellow with higher, louder calls. Migrating Warblers!

Territorial Black Phoebe
The Black Phoebe who drove out the Warblers with the local Hummingbird

I ran in to the house to get my camera. I did was not able to capture any of the warblers or bushtits, but I did photograph the resident black phoebe, house finch, and hummingbird that were trying to defend their territory and run the warblers out of the yard. The resident mocking bird and western scrub jay were holding their usual places at the top of the frontyard elm.

Warbler and House Finch
Warbler tries to land on larch tree as House Finch defends his territory

As the flock of approx. twenty warblers bipped and bopped around the backyard trees, I was able to identify Nashville Warblers (!!), Townsend Warblers (!!), and Yellow Warblers, and possibly a Black and White Warbler (not sure on this one). The warblers were intermingling with the bushtits, and moving so fast that I was not able to get any good pictures. Over all it was a delightful 20 minutes.

House Finch
House Finch