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Photo Friday : Foreign


Photo Friday : Foreign
The lemon tree in my backyard produces some very odd lemons. This one was from Feb. 2003.

6 Responses to “Photo Friday : Foreign”

  1. Meg

    Funky lemons! Did that extra lemony thumb-thing have lemon pulp in it, or was it just the rind? Did you use them??

  2. Snaz

    I would have called the Ghost Busters if I found that on a tree.
    What was in my tree this morn was a stellar jay, chickadees(not mountain), towie(?), junkos and flock of bush tits.

  3. Ms. Jen

    I have done a bit of internet research on lemon trees trying to figure out if the tree is an “Eureka” lemon or a “Lisbon” lemon. Apparently, odd shaped lemons are the result of mites, who come with ants.
    I try to keep the yard pesticide free, so the odd lemons become fodder for pics! When cut open, this lemon was mostly rind.
    Yes, the juncos are back. I have had a few here and there looking for seeds the last week, but they will be out in force in a month or two.

  4. Snaz

    The ants carry the mites and the mites hang around the fruit? I applaud your decision to go pesticide free, go green.
    Yah Juncos(thanks spelling) are great, they tromp around under my trees scratching the earth in a cool “one step forward, one step back” dance. I’m new to this house in the burbs of Vancouver(Real McKenzies) and I’m catching the birding fevor my folks have.

  5. Snaz

    Err… the Towie(?) is the earth dancer. My bad.
    The juncos here have black executioner style hoods on their heads and hang out with the chikadees.

  6. Ms. Jen

    The junco with the black hood is the “Oregon Junco”. Towhees are a bit bigger than a sparrow but are in the same family, they are “ground feeders”. I love birds.
    Ha! The Real McKenzies! Ha! I heart the Real McKenzies. I have it on good source that they will be at Alex’s Bar in March…. ;oD