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Giving Thanks V

Fri. Nov. 28, 2003:
1) My National Audubon Society 2003 desk calendar. Today is a very cute Black-Capped Chickadee. We don’t have this Chickadee in California, but we do have the Mountain Chickadee. I love my daily bird fix.
2) Thanks for great live and great recorded music:
Manic Hispanic, Roger Wallace, The Clash, Marti Brom, Dropkick Murphys, Real McKenzies, Flogging Molly, Black Eyed Peas, Daniel Lanois, The Distraction, One Man Army, Throwrag, Fabulous Disaster, Dance Hall Crashers, Avail, Kings of Nuthin’ and many, many, many more!
3) Thanks to and for all the Barflies.net contributor crew – past and present – Alex W., Julie Wanda, Yvonne, Lucky, Scarlett, Steve, Kevin, Megan, Erika, Tanya, The Ash, Meredith, Erik, Tink, Dawn, Al, Brian, Sandra, April, Cindy, Bridget, Lauren, Liz, etc… I am thankful for all of our friendships and your creative contributions. You have made me a better person and sharpened my own creative output. How can one little editor & artist be so blessed?

2 Responses to “Giving Thanks V”

  1. lucky

    Wow, you have so much to be thankful for! I’m honored to be on the list 🙂
    Me, I’m thankful to have made it back to the surface after that hellish flu bug. I felt brave enough on Fri afternoon to join G.’s parents for lunch, and they wanted seafood, so I took them to Walt’s in Seal Beach (thanks to you, Miss Hanen) which they loved. Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste a damn thing! Wah! We will have to go back soon, now that my tastebuds have bounced back

  2. Ms. Jen

    I heart Walt’s. My mom and I went on Sunday for early supper. It was delightful.