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Giving Thanks IV Or Giving Thanks on the Big Day

1) I am thankful for the Hanen Family bonding time whilst stuck in traffic between Mission Viejo and Oceanside. What should have taken 25 mins. took 2 hours and 5 mins. Yikes. But the Hanen Family is resourceful. Joe had a scratched up plastic wine glass under his seat, I had a chilled bottle of Chandon (Napa – Blancs de Noir) in a grocery sack next to my feet. Joe, Campbell (a.k.a. – Dad), and I drank champagne while driving past San Onofre Nuclear Plant and Camp Pendleton at 5 miles per hour. We laughed, we people watched, we waved at Marines on duty, and I spilled champagne. Big thanks to the Moet & Chandon company for being there during important stressful moments like in Agra, India on Feb. 2, 1943 when my airman Grandfather was able to procure a bottle of Moet to celebrate the telegrammed announcement of his first son’s (Campbell) birth in Iowa or on the 5 fwy. with 105,000 other cars going from Orange County to one’s Grandma’s in San Diego on Nov. 27, 2003…..

2) A Family Thanksgiving that was nice, good, and fun rather than stressfull, awful, and bad. Yeah. It was the crowd who made the day. Big Thanks to Grandma Grace, Grandpa Bill West, Mom, Cam, Joe, Allison, Aunt Dana, Kristin, Traci, and her “friend” Dave for a very lovely and nice 3 hours. What a refreshing treat…

3) Extra Big Thanks to the Only Marriage In the Whole Darned Family (!!!!) that has lasted longer than 15 years…. drum roll please…. Bill and Grace West! 30 years! Congratulations!

Bill and Grace West