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Giving Thanks III

Wed. 11/26/03:
1) My dad, Campbell W. Hanen, has had some form of a cell phone (car phone) attached to his ear since the late 1970s. He is the text book version of an Early Adopter. Today, we were supposed to go to the Harbor House for brunch, but when I picked him up at my brother’s house, my dad was chatting on his cell phone, so I was not able to ask him if he was willing to go to Dim Sum instead of western breakfast. Rather than driving to Sunset Beach, I drove us to Little Saigon in Westminister. It was not until the Taro Cakes, 25 mins. later, were placed on the table that he got off the call and asked me what were we doing here…. I am thankful, for the very first time in 25 years, for my dad’s phone distraction that we could go to Dim Sum rather than omlettes… ;oD
2) I am thankful for Interscope Records and Terry Wang, U2’s Tour Publicist, the best damned PR chickeeta that Brea (SoCal) and Taiwan has ever produced (Terry, you rock!). They sent me the U2 “U2 Go Home – Live from Slane Castle, Ireland” DVD this week. I just watched it. It is very good. It re-reminded me why U2 is the Rolling Stones Plus of my generation without the drugs and scary outfits…. U2 has delivered quality “redemptive” Rock’n’Roll for over 24 years. Thank you, U2!
3) Time off. Four days with no agenda. Thank God.
4) My brother Joe Hanen. Good Man. Gracious. Generous. Thank you.